New Portfolio. Thoughts?

Hey I haven’t been on here in a while, but I just finished updating my portfolio. Let me know what you think.

It’s hot. The shoes are awesome… I know a ton of kids who have tried to make a bikeable/ walkable shoe, but they’re never very successful. I love the interchangeable insole, the style and renderings are hot too.

I’d re-render that power tool’s glamor shot because it dosn’t show you’re ability anymore. That project can probably come out soon too.

The graphics of the whole thing are hot too, but the yellow type is illegible.

You need more sketching somewhere, the projects are good but without much sketching it looks like you just jumped to one solution. You tell the story of your products well but not nessesarily the story of your process.

It’s sweet though, I’m sure you’ll have good luck with it. Rock out.

I’d like to take a more in depth look at it as the work looks pretty good…but to be honest, the typos and spelling mistakes were really distracting. I would highly advocate running spell check and re-exporting the PDF before sending it out to potential employers.

Some good stuff.

I’d like to see more ideation sketching. Your powertool ideation sketches are bringing the level of an otherwise good portfolio down.

Thanks for all the comments.

I went back and found a few typos (big bad highlighted ones on the tool cover), but a couple of things like abzorb are patented technologies, not sure if thats what your talking about, but I’m going to add little R’s so people don’t think I tried to spell abzorb with a z.

As far as the power tool sketches do you guys have any suggestions?

I included more sketches in that project because I wanted to try to show some more process sketches, but that is one of my weakest areas. I have an especially hard time with cylinders receding in space. I work on them for a warm up a little everyday, but more often than not they end up all wonky.

Thanks again for the comments keep them coming.

Back sketch, bum, I know you’re way better now. Looks rad overall, huge jumps from your last one!

while it’s good to show process, most of the pages in your portfolio are research or other “non-design” work (not that research isn’t an important part of design, but hopefully you know what i mean".

maybe perhaps just reformatting those pretty dry boards with lots of text and internet pics might help…

giving it just a quick look through (as a potential employer would), i don’t see much in terms of skills (ie. sketching, rendering, CAd, etc.). The shoe project is by far the strongest. some nice sketches and renders there. in the other projects, such as the power tool, i feel the sketch and process work are not as strong, and even the use-cycle illustrations look pretty basic and loose.

i’d suggest either featuring less projects, or going back and perhaps redoing some process stuff for the weaker projects or adding some new stuff to better show your skills.

I agree as well with the comment that on many projects it doesn’t look like much initial exploration was done, and a final solution was just developed from the get-go and moved along…


Thanks for the feedback R.

Sitting on my portfolio for a month and revisiting it I see that I haven’t done a great job showing any specific skills. I guess I focused too much on telling the story behind my designs. Its frustrating because I can sketch, render, and model (mostly), but I feel like I thought hard and long about the decisions I made; I attempted to showcase both. Its tough to show these different skill sets, especially when I still have so much to learn.

I do have a few shorter projects that would better show off my sketching/rendering skills that I could toss in there. Hopefully I can get a job this winter with what i sent out. Its definitely apparent that belts are being tightened across the country.