New Portfolio.. Thoughts, anyone?

I’m looking for a new internship this winter, as well as feedback on my portfolio.

You can find my portfolio at:[/url]

I am a forth year ID student at the University of Cincinnati. My last internship was with Priority Designs, and I have experience with them designing bags, home appliances, and electronics.

Link doesn’t work.

Get rid of the car vacuum - it brings the rest of the portfolio down. The other work is much stronger and at 23 pages it wont hurt to cut a few of the weaker ones.

You’ve got some nice sketches coming along in there too.

I disagree. There are only 4 projects in your portfolio. Cutting one out would make it very short. Also there are sketches in here but not that many. I would like to see you really show us how you got to your design. What were your influences? Did you do any consumer research?

You have almost done this with your Mini influenced vacuum, but I don’t really get what is “Mini” about that vacuum. A way to tell us this is to show us what elements you took out of the styling of the car and applied it to your design. This is the same with the kids toy. Show us what it was that made you come to the design that you are showing us.

Another critique that I would give you is that the layout has no real pop to it. It is very simple, which in some cases is not a bad thing, but there is nothing that makes it memorable. You need to think of your folio as a design project. It needs to flow while also leaving an impression with the employer. Take a look at some of the portfolios here on coroflot. If you look at some of the more seasoned designers you will see that they design their portfolio simple but informative.

Sorry to pick your portfolio apart. I think you have some good work and with a bit of rearranging and bit more communication you will have a great portfolio.

23 pages it wont hurt to cut a few of the weaker ones.

Wait, so you’re saying 23 pages is a lot for a portfolio? I’ve always been told 25-30 is about right?

I don’t think you should count it on the pages but on the projects. You should have 6-10 projects in the portfolio. These projects could be numerous numbers of pages.

As a graduate?

Woah 6-10?! I thought 6 was on the high side.

Okay I would have to agree here. Sorry for new grad that could be bit high but I do think that four may be a bit on the low scale. Unless they are four really strong projects and you have a lot to talk about to fill the time in your interview. The worst is have a new grad come in give us a 5 min presentation on their portfolio and we really didn’t get to see their true skills because their portfolio presentation was too short.

I think 6 is a good number. Even if two of them are just skill pages showing renderings, sketches, CAD drawings, etc…

I think the point really is content rather than quantity.

This folio is similiar to one of the others that has been uploaded that was 32 pages.

If its 23 pages of dynamite sketches, showing process from user research insights project development then etc… then 23 pages is fine and a good talking point at interview. 23 pages of a few large sketches big text it seems like your padding it out to me personally. It’s fairly safe to assume that the person viewing it is going to get bored.

Again dont forget that the person reading your folio will give it 5minutes at most to read it, 10 if your lucky.

Some may disagree with this but i personally do the following method.

Have 1 teaser portfolio which is 4 pages and 1 CV page. On that i have a nice shiney cad render or preferably product visual, a few sketches which are nice fluid, readable and maybe the user insight\ product proposal for that project on one page. I will only show 4 projects. But this is the first thing i send out short snappy and straight to the point.

Then i have another portflio for interview which is like 30pages long 3-5 pages per project, its designed as a discussion point and to be left behind if required which highlights in greater detail the process, user led innovation, product development and the final outcome. The key here is to have ADDITIONAL project’s. I normally have about 6 in this, the two extra i will show will generally be ones that i have won an award or been shortlisted for. These are used for extra WOW factor.

There are soooo many good portfolios online here that it should be pretty straight forward to get the gist of what you need to do. R’s latest company portfolio is brilliant, gorgeously presented shows of his skill set, just lovely. Likewise lufbra sketches is very good and there are many more out there.

My criticism of the vacuum project is this:

  • Both the physical and the CAD models are not as strong as either your light or your crab models.
  • You say that this project is for the Mini but what makes it Mini? What was it about the Mini inspired you to develop this product?


  • I think page 10 is really nice. You’ve done some great sketch studies and outlined some of the issues clearly and succinctly
  • The exploded view shows that you have thought about the product assembly and key features

Perhaps, in retrospect, a little bit of a re-jig of the presentation of your final concept would bring this project up AND strengthen the whole of your portfolio, which, as I said before, does have some very nice elements to it. :stuck_out_tongue: