New Portfolio Site- Would Love Feedback!

Hi everyone,

I have a new portfolio site up at - Not a -ton- up yet, but there is a nice slideshow presentation showing some samples of my student work. I’d love some feedback (especially on the slideshow- it is still very much in-the-works), as well as any thoughts on things I may add in the future, as I’d like it to eventually be more than a simple portfolio/resume site.

Here is a direct link to the slideshow if you want to skip the main page:



Matt, as allways nice work man… one of my favorite Blue Man Group songs as well (Audio was much metter than there latest CD in my opinion)

But I Digress. I like how you’ve shown a wide array of skills from thumbnail sketches, to development sketches, to photoshop renderings, to 3d models. I would like to see an example of a prominent, beatiful, glory shot, photoshop rendering, but maybe that’s just me. Something like that is frequently shown to get “buy off” to invest the hours into a 3d model.

Also, it woruld be good to show how a project evolves. Most of your 3d renderings look very similar to a particular thumbnail. How did the design evolve? What did you learn during the process that changed the final design? This is knit picky, and not often seen in a student folio, but I think this would be the next level for you.

The slideshow format is a bit awkward online. I think it works best if it is just beauty shots of your best individual sketches, renderings, and models. It looked like you are working on a more interface friendly site though, is that right?

Great work and congrats on the IDSA IDEA!

Thanks Yo, you always leave very helpful feedback.

I do agree with both of you now that I’ve slept on it- There is a lot being thrown at you. That slideshow is sort of a test-run of something I was trying to maybe send out as a teaser. I think it would work better with just glamour shots.

Eventually I’d like to have an organized site that will let you see the end result, and also let you see how each project (or at least some) evolved.

Any suggestions on showing that evolution process? I know it’s one of those things people love to see- I’ve shown a lot of mid-process concepts in that slideshow- maybe it would be good to show a project from thumbnails > crude mockups > styling > whatever > finished?

In my -hard- portfolio I have some process-books that do a good job of that, but it’s tough to decide exactly how much to show in an online format. Maybe slideshows would be good for this?

Thanks again!

Alright- I just made a few changes to the graphics/layout and added a few pages. I’ve made a few pretty complex websites in the past, but since this one is -mine-, I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible! The portfolio part is next on the fixer-upper list.

Holy fucking Mother fuck.

Inspiring. Great work man, I just saved that link to show my other ID buddies that are graduating from Syracuse Uni next year. Good luck!

Joseph Maguire

I second that! Dang dude, nice freakin’ work. The golf-ball packaging and Dune Sofa were quite cool also. Add to that, you’re from Purdue (2000 alumni)!!

Did you do all of the Flash coding yourself, or pay somone?

Wow thanks for the great feedback!

Most of the site was very-very simple html-- mostly done in Frontpage and notepad, haha. I figured I wanted a simple page- so why complicate it with beefy technology? The flash portion is a nicely customizable plugin for flash called SlideShowPro. You have to do a lot of the xml code yourself, but there is an easy to follow manual on the plugin website. I probably should rework the images a bit so it loads faster, though.

Oh cool 6ix! I graduated in '05, and I’m at Design Edge now doing some work. Purdue’s program grew quite a bit during the 4 years that I spent there for ID. It’s getting quite a bit more competitive, but once you’re in the program there’s a great opportunity to bond with your 15 or so classmates and learn and push each other to do your best.

Thanks again for the great feedback, put a lot of work into it :slight_smile:

After viewing your folio and reading some of the comments posted back, i highly disagree with most of what everyone has said.

Yes, your bicycle concept is great, its got merit. BUT in my time ive seen a plethora of ideas with similar design intentions. To me it all looks the same, and is an excuse for a re-design. I think you should take that gold medal and shove it up your arse. IDSA is a joke.

i think that IDSA should stand for Industrial Designers that Suck Arse.


Thanks for the encouragement.

Umm… i cant see anything constructive about it. i’d just say its plain criticism. and so i dont think u really need to question that.


I think your site kicks ass! Graphics are good, the lizard is cool, and your sketches are great. Is there a way to click next though, istead of clicking all those numbers? maybe I missed it…


I’m not a big fan of the bicycle concept either, but it was student work.

go suck rocks you f@%king dueche :imp:

Thanks copyboy,

That’s a GREAT idea. I do need to add some back/next buttons. I’m also hoping i can rework that slideshow thing soon so its more organized, and doesn’t automatically just start playing.

It’s also getting a bit dated…

I’m so surprised no one has found the “secret” on the main page yet.

nice animation, if a bit short! good work!

G- Haven’t read it yet, but saw the bike on the cover of time magazine, congrats dude! that’s HUGE.

I’m so surprised no one has found the “secret” on the main page yet.

what is it ? hint please…

the only complaint i have is that Im wondering if this slide pro thing is right for you …i think you need a flash website…I think that way you can shown more process…I like your style you have great glamor shots… that is cool…you r very good keeping is things clean…and organize…I love it…I hope in few year u start a firm or something …don’t just work for the men…

good luck …stay humble …that is the best talent you can have…stay humble…