New portfolio feedback

I just finished a first draft of my portfolio and I was hoping for some feedback. I tried to keep the text minimal and only there if absolutely necessary.

I am a sophomore in ID looking for a summer co-op by the way. Hence the portfolio update.

i think you can edit some pics from this portfolio…you know :levels, contrast, gamma and sharpen them…

Is that a granny-cooking steamer you used to create that light? Nice effect…but you should mention that. No harm in reusing/stealing stuff.

Love that Jarmusch quote!
…big fan of his movies.

Thanks for sharing Atohms.

Hey, no contact information anywhere?
Name? Phonenumber? etc etc.

Or am I just blind as a bat.

I agree that this needs to be edited. You have to be your harshest critic. If it’s not great don’t show it. This is your opportunity to show your BEST work possible. Less photos, more sketching and renderings. I know in school you spend a ton of time model making, but unless you want to be a model maker which you very well may want to, I.D. is more about working things out on paper, and doing quick mock up models.