New Portfolio- feedback please!

Hey Everyone!

I’m new to the boards and I’m looking for some portfolio feedback. I graduate from Syracuse U. this spring and I just finished putting together some of my work. Any feedback/criticism is welcome!


You need to get your portfolio up some place so people can view it without a download. Not everyone wants to download a file before seeing anything and it’s that much more difficult to share with someone instead of sending a link.

When I can view it, I will comment. I don’t want to download a PDF link from an unknown source, esp. with a .ly domain source.



Thanks for the swift response. I am having trouble trying to figure out the best way to view my portfolio as a PDF. I’ll add a link to my coroflot portfolio on my website’s main page. In the meantime I’ll try and figure out an easier way to view my work.

The link to my coroflot page is:

Thanks again!

Try uploading to Issuu.


Took a quick look at the corfolio. Looks like you have some nice stuff, but as usual the coroflot portfolio with small images and unreadable text is difficult to really see (I have the same issue with my own coroflot portfolio).

Will look forward to seeing a larger PDF type presentation, but I like what I see so far in terms of process, skills, and presentation.



Thanks again! I think I will now provide links to both versions on Issuu and Coroflot…

Issuu folio:

It was worth the wait to see the PDF on issu, very nicely done. The ratio of sketch, to render, to physical object, to emotional images is, me, perfect. Consistent as well across all the projects, that consistency looks very professional.

I have only one input. Page3, the right hand side, which is the greeting pages, hits me with “Lou2, our current sewage system is a mess”, I don’t immediately associate the images on the page with a portable toilet. After I see the next pages I put it together, but the greeting headline puts me off and initially confuses me.

Agreed. Excellent portfolio. I was also confused I admit by the same thing as nxat. Thought it was a pic of PC towers or something.

I have nothing really to add. Looks quite perfect indeed. When I have a moment, I’ll try to read the projects, but you’ve definitely got something that captures the right feeling in the quick look that most employers give portfolios. Yours deserves a second look which is the goal and more than most!


rkuchinsky and nxakt,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m thinking about putting a person walking in front of the Lou’s on page 3. Right now, it might be a bit hard to comprehend the scale. This should hopefully alleviate that…

The portfolio looks great. Very cleanly presented. Love the sketching style. Also really digging the subtle gradient on all pages, gives the portfolio a very nice feel.

Same thing with the Lou2 that everyone mentioned. I thought they were computer towers at first. Maybe photoshoping in a Closed/Open badge on the door, would help it read better. Right now its just a blank white spot. The Green/Red combo might hit home a bit better.

A few nit picky things. probabbly doesn’t bug most people, but with a portfolio this polished I notice things like this. Your titles bars slightly change stroke size between some pages. Also on page 7 and 12, your image boxes aren’t justified perfectly. Again tiny details but easily fixed.

I’m not a fan on using the word “Storyboard” to describe the new experience. But It’s a preference thing. To me it’s like putting “Resume” on your resume page. I know its a resume, you don’t have to tell me. Kinda feel the same way about story boards. But again its personal preference and doesn’t detract from the work at all.

Other than that nothing else really stands out.


Great advice. I’ll work on the changes now…