new portfolio..... be harsh!


I dont really see the benefit of the first picture. From the second its obvious you have better renderings of the product. Also if you do keep it I would switch the position of your first and second pictures or at least the descriptions because you dont introduce the product until the second slide.

Also I’d like to see a photo of the prototype, possibly on the same slide however that might just be me.

Maybe you could include some images for the detail and final design on the slide of sketches, or some sketches on the other products to show the process from early through to completetion. At the moment you either show early or final stages for each product but no progression through.

Some good stuff though, looks good.


I agree about the sketch development stage, I’ll post some sketches later today.
changed the description to, also improved the rendering of 1st image.


I forgot to say the image on the last page doesn’t load for me.

works fine when log on… I’ll have a play about tho


i would drop the iwatch really better to think of somthing new really…like to the cooker htingy though

I think your stuff looks good, you just need more of it. Your only showing two projects and your comments make it sound as if the watch wasn’t even the intention of the other project.