New phone?

I have a Iphone 3gs, and the at&t unlimited plan, with a discount. I can keep the unlimited plan and the discount if I get a new contract and an Iphone 4s… But do I want to be stuck with 3g, when I could spend less on the phone and get a android phone with 3g/4g? My siblings have the HTC EVO, it seems to be nice and holds up as long as you keep it clean. What I have been waiting for is a 4g tablet with access to a data cloud (not Icloud a real cloud network). But I could use a 4g phone as a hotspot then just use wifi to a ipad2 (then dump the ipad2 when something new comes out).

My question for you all is:

A) get an Iphone4s
B)get a 4s then sell it keep the 3gs
C) get some other phone with 4g already.
D) do nothing and bide my time.

I just got the iphone 4s and i love it. If you can maintain your unlimited data plan this seems like a great way to go. A buddy of mine got the droid bionic which is 4g, and it is faster for surfing the web but not so much faster that i was ashamed of my purchase. I mostly use the wifi, so 3g vs 4g wasnt a big deal for me.

Keep waiting for iPhone6…

Played with the new Moto quickly today, pretty hot:Motorola Droid RAZR: Thinnest of All. Kevlar. Splashproof. Yes.

yo, how did it feel in hand?
None of the 4" + screen phones feel great to me. Maybe the thinness helps?

Just saw this…

I had the siri app when it came out, on my 3g…

That new Moto Razr looks and sounds sick. Thanks for the heads up Michael. I like that Gizmoto write up "This phone is made with a new process, where layers are laminated one-by-one on top of each other. " And what do you call this process, Lamination? Tell me more of Lamination… :mrgreen:

It felt really solid. The composite back panel is nice. The thinness is pretty unreal… and the big screen size makes it thinner… I saw one commenter (blog comments are so lame) complained about the bump on the backside, but that is a really nice internal component packaging decision.

An interesting observation on screen size in phones…

Personally, I don’t really understand the need for bigger and bigger screens - though I don’t commute and am usually between places with bigger screens when I use my phone. I value pocketability more myself.

BTW The Samsung Nexus just dropped this week too and supposedly has a curved screen (though there’s lots of pics out there with varying curvature)

Love bloggers.

It seems like the standard connectors, USB, 3.5mm headphone jack are real stumbling blocks. Plus the camera lens. How much more can this stuff shrink? Maybe iPhone5 will be 100% wireless. Bluetooth and induction charging only.

I laugh a little bit when I see that “Why the iphone will always be 3.5” article just because it’s not that he’s wrong, but it’s also a gross generalization of human factors (my thumb sticks an inch past the edge of my iPhone) and has no commentary on the supply-chain driven nature of product design (when you sell a gazillion products you need to ensure you’ll have that supply chain lined up and the 4"+ screen size is still a much smaller segment of the display roadmaps out there, especially considering Apple’s investments in high PPI “Retina” displays (Which I am sure they have locked into a very substantial supplier deal to source those 3.5" displays exclusively and at their # of qty).

4G isn’t the end of the world and you need to consider where you live and how readily LTE access is actually available. HSDPA is pretty quick if you’re in an area with coverage. Keep in mind a good AT&T signal will be faster than my home broadband was for the better part of a decade.

So my answer would be buy the 4S and sell your 3GS on Ebay. Free upgrade more or less.

Thanks Yo, were you at the launch?

up to 4" is pretty doable. 4.25" to 5" starts to get awkward. Bigger problem is that the resolutions aren’t always increased at the same time.

I still don’t see any benefit having a curved screen. Am I missing something? Trav that picture looks really curved.

I was surfing around and it seems like there are varying levels of curve in different pictures. I don’t see the value either

Cyber - I’d guess that Apple thought pretty carefully about screen size when they locked in on the retina display stock for several years. They might have even bought the factory

If anything, I’d rather have a smaller iphone than a larger one. I was getting excited about those cheaper/smaller iphone rumors. I want the convenience of touch without a mini-tablet that weighs down my shirt pocket, thanks.

I sold a 3g to get the 3gs, I was going to keep it (3gs) and jailbrake it and do whatever.

I agree about the curved thing… wasn’t at the launch…

I think it is popular for designers to say they wouldn’t want a bigger phone… I thought that way once as well… that is until you see a 4" phone next to your 3.5 and use for 30 seconds or more. Then you will want a 4" phone.

Also, for women, 4" makes total sense. Fits just as easily into a purse, a lot more functional. Many of the things we do with phones are not one handed, so making a case based on thumb range is not really a fit. Most people use more than one hand to use facebook, share images, browse the web and so on. One handing it really only happens when you are driving, which you shouldn’t be doing whilst on the phone!

I see the curved screen as a marketing/differentiation tactic. They usually toot it as a way for you to reach the screen better or for the phone to fit your face more (like the G1’s “chin”).

I have a 4" Samsung Focus right now with Windows Phone 7. The screen size doesn’t bother me too much. I use it one handed a lot, especially on the subway when I’m holding onto a pole while checking email/Instapaper.

One thing that does bother me a lot about a smartphone trend: I despise capacitive buttons. I’ve accidentally hit the back button so many times while trying to load something.

Capacitive is often an attractive solution in the planning stage, sleeker, allows for software flexibility, but there is no tactile feedback, and the response is instant, so there is zero room for error. While hardware keys can be more expensive and complicated, and force harder decisions earlier in the process about the specifics of the interaction model, I think they are nicer because you can feel them. Better user experience. Think of how fondly people recall their iPod wheels. We had a bit of a golden moment there in hardware/software interaction and we rushed past it to get to the all encompassing rectangular display… but that is the thing about pendulums, they always swing back…

True Yo.

I still have my 3gs… Now the bazzel for the headphone jack and fallen off… This just mean that headphones do not fit securely in there, but it also means I don’t want to use any of my nice headphones with it. I’m going to go 4s or samsung galaxy tab 8.9 with free galaxy S 2 skylight or whatever. There is a chance I’ll move out of the US again so I do not want to be stuck with a phone contract that I will not be using.

Well I took the cheap route, and I still have my 3gs… But I got an ipad (3rd gen), so now I really want something else. I guess any ICS phone could be good (I like the RAZR MAXX, and the samsung phones) or the new NOKIA lumin 900, the 710 is coming soon too. But Windows has a really small market share so there may not ever be any good apps for it. Also European carriers hate the new windows nokia’s… Any ideas?

HTC oneX is the best android on the market right now by a long shot.

Samsung is supposed to announce their new Galaxy S3 tomorrow which may or may not be interesting. I’m still on a 3GS too and I’ll probably wait and see what the next iPhone looks like. If you don’t mind jumping to android, the one X is really stunning.