new Pepsi look!?

1962 surely is the best… haha, good laughing from the posts in here.

I think the coke stuff looks awesome!!! I saw this a few weeks ago and loved it. This is a good example of how simplicity really works. They kept what is iconic about their logo and branding and mad it really pop. I also like how they have brought back the old bottle shape. Pepsi on the other hand has changed completely without thinking about what their brand really means. It has no connection to the band image or any connection to the past. Its just bad branding decisions and the company itself is not doing that well either, so I am amazed they would do something like this.

They should just go back to the 70’s logo; much classier.

i was amazed at this also.

new coke branding: A+
new pepsi branding: F

but why? pepsi could hire who ever they want…why the epic fail?

first thing I thought of was this…

It looks like to many corporate opinions to me. Reminds me of this:

Agreed, but I thought we were getting past those kinds of f ups with companies that are sooooooo marketing dependent like Pepsi.

The Gatorade branding and marketing is usually well done…so why does a sub-brand of Pepsi get it?

I understand the confusion on the board about bad branding. But on the other hand, we are all designers. We now bad design when we see it.

I am sure Pepsi spend A LOT of money on user testing. So I guess the public seems to be ok with it.

but one must wonder where has the public taste gone?
…or, Coca Cola stocked the focus groups with their own people to sabotage?! Who knows…

This discussion reminds me of the incredible awful NYC Taxi logo.

This discussion reminds me of the incredible awful NYC Taxi logo.

It’s from the same guy that did the London 2012 logo, maybe he just see’s something we dont?

From the look of things he was trying to capture the diversity of greater london, which is fair enough, stick this logo in Brick lane and it fits, but still, it’s not so easy on the eye.
To be fair though, as much criticism as the 2012 logo gets, it’s got people talking about the Olympics which are still a long way away

I quite like the Mist can - could this be because I never seen it or heard of it before and have no history to relate it to? (guess we don’t get it in my part of the world).

I also quite like the pepsi can, but imo they should’ve gotten rid of the text altogether and kept the circle. The updated “smile” could’ve been alright, but as it is now it has awfully bad proportion and flow of the elements.

Anyway, who knows what they were thinking, perhaps they have elaborate explanation and evidence for every pixel. Would be very interesting to see the iterations on this.

Hard to beat this. Modern, classic, continues the brand story. Great example of design… especially when you essentially sell sugary tinted carbonated water that costs a fraction of a penny per bottle, that bottle better be awesome.

I haven’t seen the Coke bottles in person. I thought they were just a concept. They certainly are an A+ in my book.

Keifer: I’m with you about the Pepsi logos…go back to the '70’s one! I’m a huge fan of '60’s and '70’s logos though, especially for sports teams. Remember these:

The variations on the Pepsi ball remind me of the team patches and graphics that the Designers Republic did for the videogame Wipeout back in the 90’s.

Given that all of us ID’ers seem to be impressed/obsessed with the same stuff surely someone will remember this game and/or soundtrack…

totally do (what a great series), and the new stuff for the PSP wipeout is in the same vein and decent.

For a number of reasons (both economic and circumstantial) Pepsi (founded in 1867) has been in pursuit of Coca-Cola (founded in 1885) in the “Cola Wars” since the turn of the century.

The company has never been timid when it comes to image changes and to that extent, there is some consistency; the use of red, white, and blue being the most obvious, container shape being the least.

I can’t think of anything more iconic than

Why Pepsi-Cola continues to change its image so frequently, over a period of more than one hundred years, is an enigma. That said, they are still in business.

I remember treading that their China sales are larger than Coke’s… maybe the new identity will have some relationship to the Chinese market?

I think the cola companies have distinct marketing programs for Asia. I would be surprised if they are using the same packaging in the US and China!

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Okay so a new Mountain Dew proposal was just released along with Gatorade. This looks much better.

Both are much better than the images posted earlier. Maybe they caught this all before it made it to production?