New Pair of Hiking kicks

I am going on a Canyoneering trip in Utah this May and need some new hiking shoes. I had planed to spend $80-$130 until I came across these on a bargain rack for $20. They where originally priced at $80.

I thought you shoe designers out there might like them. They have vents in the side to keep you feet cool and also to vent water. They also have super sticky soles when the get wet. Let me know what you think.

I think this is a good example of an appropriate technical shoe that still looks pretty clean because they unified it pretty well instead of having dozens of conmpeting elements (compared to the running shoe thread someone made a while back).

Those are pretty cool, it’s like they took the Nike Considered woven Outsole pattern and made it part of the outsole. I wonder if Modaliti designed those…they’re a consultancy in Salt Lake that has done lots of shoes for Merrell. I think they usually test stuff out themselves here in the mountains.

Do you know where you’re going on your trip?

We are staying in Cannonville, UT. We are going to do some hikes around there as well as Escalante State Park and Kodachrome Basin State Park. We plan to hit The Wave, Spooky, and Peekaboo canyon. I am just tagging along with others that have planned the trip. I can’t wait. It should be one hell of a time.

Sweet man. There are so many places with their own unique flavor, I don’t think I’ve been to where you’re going yet - maybe Peekaboo Canyon. I have been to Moab, Capitol Reef, Zions, Arches - Utah is an awesome place to live in the summer time.

I agree. I did a Mtn Bike trip in Moab a few years back. I love it out there.

merrell’s on a bargain rack?!? no way, according to everyone in my parts that kind of thing never happens! :stuck_out_tongue:

but seriously, merrell does get pretty technical when it comes to their trail running, outdoor performance stuff. and that pattern does have a decent amount of unity for what im used to seeing from them.