new paintings

heres 3 new paintings and some new t shirt designs up on my blog…


will be sending you order/ email this week-

sounds like things went well at WSA- and the launch of HagerDESIGN- see the website coming along too. wish you best of luck with that.

could I get the Kendo painting on shirt?


Yeah everything went well in LV

Sure you can get teh kendo on a shirt…email me opr call me to order the shirts

Just did this Tiffany Dunk for your fiendish pleasure

The D

Jordan 21 just completed… (fine art section)

Heineken Dunk

i like that one alot!!:smiley: the others are too static for me, this one has got power.

that last heineken one reminds me of a rodeo, bucking bronco.

Aren’t you violating a trademark when you put these images on t-shirts to sell?

they are artistic representations of products in the marketplace…and when they come after me for selling 2 t shirts i’ll let you know what happens. I have also begun taking off the swooshes as nike doesnt have a design patent on the upper in most cases only the logos. And I think its a little more interesting when you see an air force one with out any branding…or is it an AF1?