new paintings

Why paint your shoes?? did i miss something?? when did this become somehting cool?

Maybe if you were collecting paintings by original designers who made your favourite kicks… well then i can see merit in the paintings.

If your just a hack who’s painting shoes cos you figured out how to hold a brush, well then maybe start out with somehting a little less complex like a landscape or a bowl of fruit. At least that way your not gonna offend anyone who actually owns the pair of shoes that you tried to smear onto a canvas with the co-ordination of a cerebral paulsy.

I’m not saying i can paint, i cant, and i’m not saying what your doing is wrong, because somone out there might actually like it. But i think the real art in footwear is in design, bang out a rockin’ spec with some cool 3d rendering and i give you my love.

when your skills are dialed and you actually have figured out your style and you have a clue about depth of field and composition then bring it on dude…

like i said before tho… perhaps leave the real art for the original designers … then maybe … just maybe … it would actually mean something to somebody.

my 5 cents…


  1. some of the shoes are his designs

  2. the others are of “classics”, shoes that most sneaker heads would recognize if not own or want to own.

3)the guy can improve, he never said he was an ace, he is just looking for feedback (beyond, you suck), and at least he has the nuts to show his work, and the ability to motivate himself.

I’m not sure how the General became one, but it was obviously not based upon any kind of reading comprehension test or motivational speaches.

“Sneaker heads” That conjures up the most beautiful images. Some tight face head laced up like a banana’d foot ball boot with the tongue squozen to death, limp, dangling out the mouth. I prefer to wear sneakers on my feet and paint on them. Buy a mean shoe in the shitty colourway on sale. Then deal to em with black inks and different colours, then skate em till it all wears off, and do it over again till they are just stained ghosts of what they were and what was done in them.

I am a certified “sneaker footer” and not meaning to diss anyone or thing, just contribute.

another way to turn kicks into art:

haha! Those are little sneaker headed Puk cheechers!
You should have cartoons of them, have one shoe (maybe an I-path) say to the next “hey buzz, i got some doity roaches in my tongue stash if u keen to get blizzey?” then he could kick him in the balls.

what are you talking about?

You gotta be frikkin kiddin me!? What sneaker beaker hasn’t read da aventurs of Cheech wiz by Vaughn Bode!? Specially if you’s into tesign!?
Sneakers creepers!!! :unamused:

Force everyone to register. Please.

Force everyone to designate themselves as design professional, student, hobbiest, or other.

Force a valid email associated with login.

Figure out how to prevent/reduce the flame trollers.

Flametards belong on usenet, or stuck under a big rock.

I have been surfing newsgroups since before there was a WWW, and I am still amazed at how quickly some doorknob can disintegrate a good dialogue.

sneaker art… art sneakers:

for the general…

Thanks for the link… Not really sure why you made me look at his resume… i know he designs shoes…and he’s really done a great job at it!!

my point earlier, was…

if the paintings were painted by the original shoe designer, then i could justify perhaps wanting to collect it. Nike vengance painting looks ok… but i might acctually want to look at it if it were by the OG designer… Get me?

like you have painted you sperry’s… cool… but i cant see any value in it. Just me maybe… i dunno.

Keep up the painiting however, you’ll make a fine artist one day.

Keep the cads coming tho, thats where i see the true art in shoe design, its in your presentation. Technology is on our side here, so makes me shudder when i see a top designer dragging a paint brush over a canvas.

You probably went to a design school to learn design, just as a painter went to an Art school to learn about the important things of becoming an artist.

anyways… another 5 cents.


I would have to agree with Mark,
And I say this as constructive criticism:
you need to work on your technique, formost,
It appears that that is your major obstacle,
If you work on your painting skills and perspectival construction you will be able to better communicate whatever it is you are trying to with your shoe art. That said, I would draw them first until you get that correct, then apply painting technique.

true. point taken. although i disagree with your use of the term ‘flametards’ on the grounds that it is incredibly hurtful.
no more malarky from me.

Hey i have been playing this forum like cricket, a true gentlemen.
But i agree with the bro and have now registered. I will be signing up on that coroflot tip as well. Ten years in shoe design is cool…resources!!! :sunglasses: