new paintings


I’m trying a new loose style that a friend showed me recently, the nike sb is tr first, realyn just a test run. Enjoy


I like this style beter than the graphical stuff. Just because I’ve seen a lot of very graphical shoe stuff lately, this seems like a fresher approach. Keep it up Jigs! Your commitment to this is awesome. Inspiring even.

Heres a painting i just completed. In this one i’m focusing on composition and context rather than a graphic image. I like this one alot; both for the end result and the subject matter (Sperry Top-sider Sperry cups a merger of tradiitonal boat shoes and vintage hoops. They were released in Spring 05 and featured in the 1st or 2nd issue of Nylon Guy)

noticed youv got one in there called ‘my main coon, jiggy’. wicked.

if you are taking the piss out of this forum and its like a prank or something, you are a genius.

if not i would guess that you are really rich, and completely and utterly without any talent whatsoever, which is ok too, these days talent is irrelevant, all you need is ego.
the again its monday morning and i havent had any coffee, so dun mind me…


what the FUCK are you talking about?


When that haters flock its a sure sign you are on to something Jiggy.

i guess so…but still what was he/she talking about? that was just out of left field no?

Unfortunately some people think that making comments like this proves they are cool, it only proves they are petty though…

that was pretty left field alright, but easy on the negativity guy, ive got feelings too. nah but there is a cat painting on your site called ‘my main coon jiggy’ or something? its wicked. check-a check-it.

but i just dont really like the paintings holmes. they really suck. you seem to be having a good time doin them tho so thats cool.

hey mr ‘yo’ - what ever happened to just genuinely not liking something? that doesnt make you a ‘hater’, its called ‘having an opinion’. calling someone a hater for that is really really lame.

let me know if you want me to splain furthur.

hi, well i’m glad you like the painting of my cat… I think (Is "wicked used anywhere else but Boston? sounds like you’re from the UK)…he’s a MAINE COON a large breed of cat found in the US. As to WHY u say the rest of my work sucks, I dont know. You didnt “splain” yourself at all. Maybe you should? I think this forum would like to hear your constructive crit and also tell us a little bit about yourself…do you have a portfolio?



the new explorations look similar to the older works like “nike air 180”, in painting style I think you have made progress in the backgrounds. I think this new style would be nice to see you take it an explore it like the “nike dunk id studio”- just playing with more dynamic croping of the shoes/ and scale.

I am still a fan of the Graphic style paintings- just personal opinion.

hows it looking on the shirts- will call you later this week



Having and expressing an opinion is great. Calling someone a talentless hack just because you don’t like what they are doing is hateful. Clear? I hope you see the difference.

aaaaaaahhh ok, i thought your cats name was ‘jiggy’ and you were calling him your ‘main coon’, which is kind of wicked. its a joke, i dunno.

ok constructive criticism: i dint really want to get into this art debate, (im mostly only in the forums briefly to allieviate boredom) but um since its all personal taste and all that, i’ll just post some art that i like? i dunno, how should we do this, its getting furthur away from shoes… i’d post some of my work but its terrible, and all i do is bootleg madfoot and vans…

Well what are you doing in this forum if you are not a “sneakerhead”, in the shoe biz or even any good at design or art or anything creative? Its seems like an odd place for you to hang out and alleviate boredom. But whatever…i would really like to hear constructive criticism from you “splaining” your views on why my work totally sucks and i am really rich, and have no talent and a big ego? I’m not looking for a list of art that appeals to you. Just explain your comments if you can.

ok wait lemme go back and have a look at your work again…



you are fucking lame, go find another forum to talk shit on…and start posting your stuff

btw i did like sam weber site…nice stuff, but obviously both completely different than what i’m doing and he is a professional illustrator which I am not. I’m a Senior footwear designer who started painting 3 months ago :smiling_imp:

one other thing
do you give commentary on everything you don’t like in a
record store or if do you just walk? but thanks for letting me know I need to improve-that’s why I’m showing my work

a friend of mine who i have alot of respect for as an artist and friend (he went RISD and is a professional illustrator…check him out at had this responce to KE …

"Ask him if he gives commentary on everything he doesn’t like in a
record store or if he just walks right by those sections to the overly
dramatic stuff he seems to like. Next time he sees your stuff, tell
him to keep walking (“but thanks for letting me know I need to improve-
that’s why I’m showing my work”)

thats it i’m done with this…stay tuned for more of my work on