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I´ve finally launched my portfolio site version 1.01, and I am asking feedback to further improve my act.

visit and give me feedback…

thank you!

For as simple as your website is there is really no reason for it to be completly done with Flash. It loaded prety slow on my computer and it really doesn’t have to.

You could rebuild your site in XHTML and CSS with no tables and it would go 100x faster while looking exactly the same. If you still wanted things to fade in you could insert smaller .swf files to do the job.

Go to and check out the links for CSS pages. It might be a little tough to start if you haven’t done standards compliant pages before but you’ll be glad you did.

You can also go to for info on writing xhtml and css is you haven’t done very much with it.


Not a true wizard yet in doing a website… :smiley: I have only used flash so far…

perhaps I could start the learning process…

At least, I think I should add preloaders to the pages…

Thank you!

don’t know if you’ll remember me from hotseat 2, but glad to see you got rid of the stuck on graphic on your flox bench :smiley:

Pretty cool site, you have a lot of material. UI wise, the whole selection process is a little awkward for me. For your industrial design and product design buttons, the “design methods” and “work” sub-menus align with them appropriately—But as you move down to other selections in your navigation, the “design methods” and “work” button align up at the top still. What’s up with that!?

My 2 cents:

1.) Combine your ID, product, and concept design Nav buttons into one selection. It will declutter your Nav.

2.) for the sub-menus, try to stay consistent with how they look and where they align on the page (for your product design projects, the different project align against your the black divider line, but for your furniture projects, the individual projects are smaller text and aligned off on their own rule…bottom line, it’s a little confusing)

3.) Nav alignment- It seems like the text in your nav bar is really cramped up against that divider line. Let them breathe a little, or at the very least gap them the same distance as the “N” in your title VILLEDESIG"N"

4.) Dude, what’s with the obas Oy project in the product design section?
AHHHH, it hurts my brain. I would get rid of it for now or at least make the image clear

Hope this helps.



thanks for the feedback… I know there are still some differs in the UI… hopefully I will have the time to make the changes for the first two, too.

The reason for not combining the id, product and concept design sections is my attempt to keep the flash sizes as small as possible… I want that people with remarkable tighter bandwidths could visit my site too…
I still try to study this xhtml method…

Really nice, that you took the time to explore the site and I will do some of the changes you pointed out.

How did you like the finalists of the hotseat? In my opinion, somehow basic work with good quality, of course. Best of luck to them! However, my Scandinavian eye is apparently aesthetically different than the one in the US… :open_mouth:


There were two finalists that were very nicely done in terms of styling and function, however none of the 4 finalists really represented the competition criteria very well, which has a lot of people ranting…but oh well. It was a really fun competition, I received a lot of good feedback on my entries and it was a good excercise in giving critiques as well.

Hope your site refinement goes well.


I finished the site, for now… Better natural than too defined… :wink: well, perhaps I get it truly finished when I shall have the time needed for the operation.

So, I wonder if the community could give me feedback about the works, too… Struggling now with internship issues, perhaps some first hand advice on the work examples would be needed…

In my opinion, I must improve the act in the future, but I don´t want to concentrate on a single branch of design quite yet… Usually design concentrates itself once performed for a longer period on a certain field…

Please point out goods/bads on the designs! You can use the contact form on the page, if you don´t want to comment here.

thank you for the replies!

Hi all!

Now I have finally finalized my first html - language website and I am quite proud… :wink:

Please see and read, comment and crit!

Thank you in advance!

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