new opel insignia wagon

The Opel Insignia wagon is looking good, but like the Opel Speedster will GM bring it to the states. Can it help the wagon market out, the up coming Caddy wagon could use some company…and Euro wagons are the next big thing, I have a wagon so I may be biased on that.

It looks pretty nice for a wagon IMO, if not very unique.

Looks like it has some design cues from the A4. Particularly the rear 2/3 of the car. I’m a huge fan of small wagons like this. They’re so much more practical for most people than a huge SUV. This would be a GM product I would gladly purchase. Hopefully they market it under the Saturn badge rather than Chevy.

The new Saturn Astra is a former Opel isn’t it? Its a nice look too, but this is much nicer.

In the EU the Astra has the Opel badge,yes.

Astra is from 2003, that’s why the Insignia is nicer. I bet it takes two years for us to get it though.

Astra is from 2003, that’s why the Insignia is nicer. I bet it takes two years for us to get it though.

And when it does, it will probably look like it was from 2003.

The market for wagons in US is pretty small, and seems positioned more towards upscale Brands (MBenz, BMW & Audi). Mazda are dropping the hatchback and wagon options with their new Mazda 6, due to low sales.
Interesting that GM are entertaining the idea for cadillac: Cadillac CTS says: Wagons, ho! -
…but I guess they need to try anything right now!
An aside: How about a GM-Ford merger? That might the new US hybrid model, considering that Honda may be silently creeping up to the number three spot in the US.

Funny thing; you call these things “eurowagon”.
As opposed to what ? wagon ?

Here in Germany the car derived wagon is clearly seen as an american invention. The first station wagon cars here had been made by Opel and
Ford, the US subsidaries.


Mercedes Benz did the first T-Model in 1978 and BMW followed just recently in 1987!

The only european manufacturers that offered a station car preWar had been Volvo and Peugeot.

o.K. End of the history lesson for today

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don’t forget the VW type 3 1600 “squareback”

Those type 3’s are SWEET!

Square backs rock.

The Insignia will be available as sedan, hatch and wagon, if memory serves. Mazda isn’t just ditching the hatch and wagon…they are making a medium size 6 for Europe and Asia, and a supersize American version. Probably the only reason the brought the other versions over in the 1st gen was because they shared so many common parts.

If memory serves, 60% of Focus sales were sedan, the ugliest design. The other 40% was split equally between the hatches and wagon.

I believe the British where going “Wagons”, sometimes called Estates or Shooting Breaks (Brakes?) or as in the original Clubman.

While the “Station Wagon” was an American family staple in the 50’s-70’s it fell out of favor and was seen as stodgy, something your Mom would drive. At just about the same time, they became popular in Europe. Most people in the US would still not drive a wagon (see the ill fated death of the Dodge Magnum), but calling it a Euro Wagon has snob appeal here to bring the sales numbers up. That combined with the gas crunch could create a friendly environment for the wagon here again.

And Square backs rule.

In my memory the break was the station wagon from france
Like the DS break.

Alfa had a wagon 75 called sportwagon

At the moment Peugeot is calling their wagons SW… as in SportWagon?
like the 207 SW


unfortenately this 75 Sportwagon was a one-off.

Alfa had some Giulias redone into Wagons for use at
race courts and for the police on autostrada:

the first wagon by Alfa Romeo, that mere mortals could
buy (of the line) was the 33 Giardinetta (later Sportwagon)

this was in 1985

my father had one of those when I was around 15 years old.
The sound of the 2 weber carbs spoiled me for the rest of my life…

All the best

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The cars would fall apart by the time they go to the dealer.

I think the ‘estate’ name came from the custom british estate wagons. People would get a Royce done to use for a vehical to have for duck hunts and things like that.


My first thoughts on the A4 cues as well…

I’m a huge wagon fan- it’s nice to be able to throw bikes in the back, stuff from Lowes, or go camping… For $27k (less, really, seeing as GM can’t resist throwing multi-$K incentives at customers come model year end), I really like the 9-3… I get 27mpg around town with the 2.0T, it’s plenty sporty and has a low cost of ownership (if you don’t pay retail :smiley: ) and I get lots of compliments.

I liked the look of the Mazda6 wagon and wouldn’t mind having more options next time around, though… I think that the market will continue to grow as folks look for SUV alternatives (most mid-sized wagons have more cargo space than mid-sized SUVs).
Combi Rear- sm.jpg

I like the SAABaru (saab subaru). It is a WRX that is not?

It was, though only for a couple of years (until GM divested itself of it’s Subaru stake). All of the go-fast bits are interchangeable, and with the typical GM fire sale rebates, mine was cheaper than the WRX when I bought it in early 2005… It was a lot of fun- about $750 in mods and it had ~250hp and less body roll. And 22mpg city economy. Still, cheaper to insure than the WRX, better looking, cheaper to insure and with far better dealers… But white seats? Come on.

There’s a great user community at, too.