New online resource - Car Body Design

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I would like to inform you about a new online resource with technical information about automotive design and engineering and, in general, about product development and manufacturing technologies.
(I hope this is allowed in the forum).

The link is - it features a technical resources section with links to more than 500 technical publications available on internet, divided by category.

I’m in the development staff, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Marco Traverso
Car Body Design staff

Wow! That’s a really awesome site! Thx.

BTW, why is it that most of the car models I see online are made with lightwave or 3C studio Max instead of Alias which most car companies use?

why post a lightwave or 3dsmax model rather than an alias, rhino, or other cad format? because most people are posting poly models to sell for entertainment purposes. generally people aren’t posting nurbs models suitable for tooling because there’s no market for that yet. what benefit would a car company have in giving away their surfaces?

this does harken back to a past thread discussing the market for models suitable for tooling. car companies are just now coming around to figuring out how they want to release their cad models for outside use. two uses would be advertising and aftermarket parts design. downsides to releasing include giving your competitors really accurate data on your designs and giving cheap manufacturers the surfaces they need to make good knockoff replacement parts for your products.

Hi Molested_Cow, thank you for the positive comments.

I think samweis answered to your question.

I also think that Car Manufacturers could easily rebuild the 3d models geometry so to obtain high quality models for rendering purposes, but preventing spares manufacturers from using them for tooling.

They could easily sell these models, but would it be worth the effort?

For what concerns the site, it is under constant development, and we’ll try to add some more pro-like 3d modeling resources and tutorials.

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i recall that thread Sam mentions. came up in ref to rendering/software and all the nice Max/Brazil renders. pretty images getting confused with toolable data. there have also been discussions on using manufacturing data for other things. i brought it up inhouse once almost 7 years ago. just not a priority for those companies, i guess.

recognize most of the tuts. the Deathbrain ones are pretty good. those are NURBs. worth looking over imo.

looks like a nice resource. i’ve always thought it would be cool to design the engine, chassis… the works.