new online portfolio

hi there

I have just released my online portfolio.
Please give some comments.
(Only flash version)

I’m currently looking for an internship.

I would lose the ‘flashy’/cluttered background

Very nice portfolio and flash works…how long did it take to scan all of those images and setup the flash site?

Hum yes it’s true that the intro is a bit long, and i should allow the user to skip.
i tried to show a bit of me, who am i and so on. but maybe to keep it more professional it could be more sobre indeed.

Well it took me a while to do it. Specially because I’ve never done any website before and I spent quite much time learning how to do it. So about one month during my spare time.

Thanks for your comments, waiting for more.
Hopefuly for the best of the next version.

it shouldn’t have a splash at all, it should show your product design skills…not you ability to build a rough looking flash site. Have you considered how much screen space you product images/boards actually make up compared to the suspect background…I would say its about 1:4…tiny, why would you want that?

Your interface is also a bit confusing.

You have thumbnails going right to left at the bottom. I click on I get a bigger picture and have forward and backward arrows below I click the arrow expecting to get the next picture in the ‘category’ set but get a sub category picture instead…bad system model.

I have to agree with dawolfman666.

Lose the flash and focus more on the work.

If you use flash, don’t make it look like you used flash if you know what I mean.

thank you for your comments,
it’s all good to know that.
I will definitively think of it for the next version.
Maybe not for now, because i am quite busy with some other things, and that will be a big amount of time…