New Nike Stuff for CN 2008 I’m excited about the Olympic weightlifting shoe

also Nike Air Rejuven8 Launch | HYPEBEAST

cool mesh like shoe

Picked up some Rejuven8’s a few weeks ago. Super comfortable.

some of my faves are the running/training shoes and the equestrian boot.

i do find it odd though that they all dont fit with a common design language aside from a few of them. were they older models repurposed on on existing tooling perhaps? anyone know?


Awesome stuff! Lovin’ it…


It looked to me like these were all new projects designed individually with the specific intent of giving each athlete the most advantage possible for the 08 games. It seems like there was little communication about tying them together visually (except within the category), though several of the water sport styles shared a similar tread design. In my opinion they all say NIKE whether they tie together specifically as an “olympic 08” collection or not. I actually like the fact that they are all individual projects that stand on their own to serve a specific athlete, rather than trying to tie it all together. Just my opinion though.