New music to pump cad to.

I need new music to pump cad to. Can you help me?

try this link for help:

don’t pump too much CAD…you may develop an aversion to sunlight


here you go, free of charge

and finally my buddy’s company

thump cad you sissy

radiohead hail to the theif
deltron 3030
bloodhound gang
killbill sndtrk

Radiohead- Kid A, Amnesiac

Sigor Ros - Very much a concept album. The vocals are supposed to be their “own language”, but when you listen to it with a good sound system and it is not through head phones it is very soothing. Sooner or later you begin to “think of words” in English.

Interpol - Turn Off the Bright Lights Haven’t stopped listening to the album straight through for weeks…

Gorrilaz - Gorrilaz Very sublime, relaxing techno kind of stuff.

These are usually what I listen to when I work on stuff.

i have been listening to alot of shuggie otis. you should check it out. try a track called “stawberry letter 22”. iss goood.
also new roots. track called “the seed 2.0 (featuring cody chestnut)” iss dirty.
i tell people this all the time and i will tell you now. if you dont know about fela kuti yet then you need to check the productive person syllabus and find an album called “no agreement” it will motivate a hybernating grizzly. and if you havent checked the new outkast then you best reconize foo.
for me it also depends on time of year, location, and medium in which you work.
let dr. spicey know your condition and this ex dj will do my best to prescribe somethin be it hipity hop or the doc…

listen to some Raised Fist and you wont have any trouble with fatigue.

Zombie thread… but worth bringing up again.

Cowgirl, Underworld.

Click on music.