new museum magazine - need a help

Hello everyone,

I am creating Inexhibit a museum and exhibition design online magazine (free, of course). Now I am in beta testing and, since my site is based on collaboration, I would like the design community help me to check it.
So every suggestion on what in your opinion is fine and what is not , what could be made better or what would you like to be added, will be enormously helpful to me.

Can you be so kind to give me a hand?

Kind regards,

Hello Riccardo.

This museum site looks very good. It’s a surprise, often here on core we get invitations for review, but you have done an excellent job. As you present a global coverage, I suggest:

The sliding header images would be most interesting if all included the city.
Special exhibits?
Travel planner; for example if I am going from Kuala Lumpur - Cremona - Montreal, what can I see in my free time, can I research / create a museum itenerary?
I didn’t learn from the website if it’s only actual museum exhibits. Some non-museums host museum like shows.

Lastly, I am excited to see Cremona opened a violin museum. I’ve visited there once, was disappointed there wasn’t already although I heard talk of one, but I know that when Italians talk of building something… we wait!

Thank you Pier, you are really kind to give me your opinion. that’s great!

About your considerations:

You are totally right. I will add the location to all post titles, including temporary exhibitions.
We are adding museum itineraries right now, so far as articles linked to our mymuseum search. Following your suggestion we now plan to add a “create your itinerary” feature for mymuseum in the future.
Of course, we will review also museum-like shows and exhibitions also if not hosted in actual museums, they are often very fresh and interesting. Maybe we will find something good in Milan for the incoming design-week.
Living in Cremona I can say here we were discussing about building a good violin museum since soooo long ago, now eventually we have it! Italians do it…slower.

Again I really, really thank you for your suggestions and for your attention and great kindness.

Hi guys, thank you for your support, based on it I added some features, such as an itinerary in southern France and the museum location in titles.
I have now introduced a new search engine for museum, so far only in Europe and Israel but my plan is to open it to the US within a couple weeks. It’s not (and doesn’t want to be) a comprehensive database, I add only those museums that either I have personally seen and seemed me interesting or that someone else suggests me. I still have no idea if it actually works, the tech guys that realised it have chosen a plugin for the museum visualization on a Google map, called Pronamic, that seems me a bit slow but I have no idea how other people judge it. Can you have a look and kindly let me have an opinion? My site is completely free and costs me a lot of time, so every help is really appreciated.
The museum search engine is addressed at

All the best,