New MOTO G Google Phone

So I lost my iphone the other day and went about looking for a new phone - one that was cheap and cheerful but could carry out all the basic smart phone tasks. I just heard about this new MOTO G Google phone and bought it as it seemed pretty awesome.

Why is it that I just bought a phone that’s better than iPhone 5C for £115?!

I wouldn’t usually bother to big up a product so much but this thing is incredible! Hardware/software work seemlessly, UX Design is perfect for me, beautiful outer case design (though bit of a nightmare to get on/off).

I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks of these phones. I guess the real test will be when I drop it a few times but my first impressions are that Apple have a serious issue in competing on this one. Actually, all phones do!

The new Moto phones have been a nice job of integrating the non-bloated versions of Android, but you still have to like Android for that. But the hardware has been doing a good job for middle of the road performance (Which is good enough for 99% of people) - the battery life is supposed to be stellar as well.

Now if they could only sell enough of them to be profitable…

The Moto G will be available in the U.S. in January for $179.

I think part of the reason for the aggressive pricing was the disappointing sales of the Moto X, I read that only 500,000 units were sold.

Ah, that would perhaps explain more. I’m pretty optimistic about this one and the battery life is certainly better than iphone. I can’t say much about anything except the basics as I only use smart phones for the very basic stuff but it’s looking good for this one!

scrotum: I can believe what you say about the pricing strategy. Nokia has rock-bottom pricing as well. Liam and I have benefited :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice phone, but it’s not available in Europe it seems.

@Svenas: It is at belsimpel, €219,- for the 8 gig version.

Got it since last week, solid phone :slight_smile:

For $100 I gotta get me one now!

Lenovo just bought Moto for a fraction of what Google paid for them 2 years ago.
good luck guys.

Google kept all of the patents, that is one reason why the price is so different.

I just got me a Moto G the other day, amazing what you get in a non-contract $100 phone. The Moto G screen is as good as you’ll see at any price point. Google’s Android OS updates are nice too.

Kinda disappointed that Motorola is being cut loose though.

I spoke too soon. About an hour after my last post I received a notification for the latest update. I went ahead and updated my phone to Android 4.4.2 KitKat, it was almost like having to relearn everything again. I ended up butt-dialing someone and couldn’t figure out how to hang up in time. :blush:

Right, everyone knew that Mobility got bought for the IP, the hardware business was just sandbags that came along with it.

Lenovo get’s a not-so profitable business that they can leverage the brand from, and ship 90% of the jobs to China to improve profitability.

Will be interesting to see how this effects the whole “Moto X Made in America” play.

Definitely. I did some consulting work with both when at frog and it is interesting to see some key players move from Moto to Google on LinkedIn. No question where the IP stayed.

Such reviews actually help buyers find the product that fulfills all their requirements. I personally think, that if you are going to buy a smart phone then compare models from all leading brands, then decide which one to buy.

Motorola no more.

It makes sense in a way. They want to get people into the larger hardware portfolio. Sell the phone, the tablet, the laptop… I’m not sure people have the same relationship with their IT provided laptop as with Apple, but I understand the strategy.