New more efficient solar technology applied as thin coating

Sargent and other researchers combined specially-designed minute particles called quantum dots, three to four nanometres across, with a polymer to make a plastic that can detect energy in the infrared.

Sargent said the new plastic composite is, in layman’s terms, a layer of film that “catches” solar energy. He said the film can be applied to any device, much like paint is coated on a wall.

The film can convert up to 30 per cent of the sun’s power into usable, electrical energy. Today’s best plastic solar cells capture only about six per cent.

The professor also talks about recharging iPods with shirts coated with this stuff. Why do techies always assume people want to wear their technological products?

Because techies don’t care how easy or appropriate a technology is to use, they just want to see how cool it is. In that sense, they are no different than nuclear physicists. There is no philosophy required for a Ph.D. When wisdom returns to our

We started with the Renaissance… an age when scientists were also artists. It was followed by engineers with their Industrial Revolution. Then the physicists with the Atomic and Space Ages. Currently we live with the geeks in the Information Age.

The next cultural revolution will be when the geeks give up the earth to the designers. That will be the Era of Integration. (Maybe.)