New Moderator

Hey C77 forum posters (and hi to all of you readers and lurkers too :smiley: )

I’m pleased to announce we have added a new moderator to your friendly, all volunteer, mod team. Chevis Watkinson has been a frequent poster on the boards for a number of years. He recently started over with a new login under the name “cwatkinson” but he has been posting almost daily over an extend period. Chevis has posted numerous topics on his own professional and personal projects and has been a constant source of advice for others in many forums. I’m glad that we were able to officially add him to our moderating team.

Welcome to the squad, Chevis!


Thank you, i do truly feel this is a honor and its nice to have the opportunity to give more back to a site that has been part of my career.

Well Deserved, congrats!

Welcome :slight_smile: