New Moderator

Hi everybody_

I wanted to take a moment to announce that LMO has joined the moderator team here on the boards.

His thoughtful posts and unique perspective have been a steady source of information to many of us and many times I’ve found myself following his advice and guidance. Join me in welcoming LMO to your volunteer moderator team.



Welcome to the team!!

Nice! Certainly a worthy addition!

Great addition indeed!

Always very educational to read your posts, and I’m glad that we will see a lot more of those in the future.

Boilermakers are poised to dominate the world!!!

Congratulations… I always enjoy your posts

Sweet claps :slight_smile:

made me laugh
keep up the good work Lew!

From the title of the this thread i thought i was going to learn why LMO is greater than the new moderator.
Congrats LMO, i enjoy reading your posts even if you are only = new moderator :laughing:

Aw shucks fellers… . . now ya got me all dewy-eyed.

I appreciate your comments.

Welcome Lew.

Looking forward to having you on board and helping us keep the kids in line :wink:


For the second time this year, the Moderator Team has nominated a new member: NURB!

Chris has been a consistent contributor to this community, and has been a positive influence adding to and guiding discussions in many of the discussion forums. In short, he was a moderator long before he had the official title.

The Moderator group is a small volunteer team, just ten of us to shepherd this active, vibrant and outspoken community of 11051. These days, mostly the community shepherd’s itself, a testament to the members. Together we have built a pretty awesome place to talk about design with an international group of designers, students, and design directors. The moderator group has existed since about 2004 to aid the building of the community, and all in all, the roster has been fairly consistent, with a couple of adds and drops here and there: cg, ip_wirelessly, Lmo, Mr-914, PackageID, rkuchinsky, Timf, warrenginn, and myself as admin.

Please join me in welcoming NURB to that list.



congrats NURB

Yes, Congratulations NURB!

“Meanwhile, at the hall of justice…”

Congrats buddy!! You truly have been a great contributor and will do great as a Mod. Welcome to the team!!

Congrats Chris!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words. I was very humbled and surprised to be asked to be a moderator, and I will treat the position (and most importantly the other posters) with the utmost respect.

I’m honored to be part of the team.

Congrats man!

Definitely well deserved.

wow, I thought NURB was already a moderator? I guess that means he’s the right choice. Congrats!

I think we should create an thread where we all explain the provenance/meaning of our user names. Some are obvious, some are not.
For NURB, I guess that stands for


amiright? :smiley:

Where does the BTL come from in yours Benny?