new moderator

I just wanted to take a second to point out there is a new moderator in this forum. Jay-Carter. Not only do I consider him one of my best friends, but I also consider him one of the best designers I know. If you post a project, he will give you feedback, and he won’t just say “that’s cool”

Welcome Jay-Carter.

thats cool

Thank you sir…I owe you a drink…

Great to finally be logged on!


oh- shyt look who it is…

J-carter tho/ your man J is gett’n eat’n up by killa Cam.

“How is tha king of Ny rock’n OPEN TOE sandals wit jeans…OPEN toe sandals an Jeans… an he 42 yrs old”

Cam’Ron- you gotta love it



Your a funny guy…Funny thing is that is really my name, First and Middle, when do you get out here?

CHANCLETAS WITH JEANS!!! Back to Business!

J-bro/ J-carter

maybe this is the first time there is rap’n on core…

I will be out maybe in two weeks to apt/ hunt and look around. i am still waiting to get contacted by the relocation team. But would have a week off from school. so def need to chill when I come out, Chilled with “YO” when he came out last week was cool/ and met up with some other peeps from JBrand.

Officially be out- June 1 for work.

be easy



Open toed sandals…I shake my head everytime I hear that…You know Cam has JJ from goodtimes in the video playing JayZ…

Good to hear that the process is starting to move. be sure to keep us in the loop…

not the first but they are mos def (yes pun intended for those inclined) few and far between…

the track makes me laugh, cam is a funny dude, but he SHOULD have got at him with more than that, we talking about hov here…and what is this talk of video???

so dv are you with with the ____, now? i remember you saying you had something in the works…

mos def- nice pun/ but haven’t been feel’n his newer works/ a lil too rock’ roll/ band like…

Cam’ could have came harder- but I he is a funny dude, as with Hov, i aint the biggest fan, with Hov vs Nas/ I am a nas fan, like if your a pac/ big fan- I am a pac fan… but its all good- But we’ll see what comes out of nas- signing with jay Z.

yea- been workn on things, and long story how everything came about from emails to phone interviews to being flown to portland…to negotiations. but two weeks ago I signed with Adidas. I will be on a new concept development team working on men’s Basketball and Running shoes.

yea- should have posted an update- been try’n keep it low key- mainly becausse before it wasnt 100% down/ and then fig. be like brag’n if I did post it. so fig would just let it come in time…

But things are good- But now, will be me less posting sketches an work… so will need you an others to keep that up… bring that life to the footwear forum…


i agree with that but i always been in both camps, i nevever thought being a fan of one was exclusive of liking the other, but i digress as fas “battle” raps go it was very sub-par–good for a laugh though…

YO much props dv!!! congrats! adidas that is whassup. it is a very good look, we will miss you in the footwear forum, you been supplying a lot of heat…


congrats dv. I have never worn adidas, you gotta change that, make your mark.

Thanks guys -

will keep you posted with progress/


pun intended???

you caught that. only saw it after I wrote it, but yeah, I meant to do that!