NEW mini portfolio -comments?

Hi guys

I’m currently in my final year at Northumbria University’s Design for Industry course and have recently just finished my mini folio.

The aim is to show several of my projects to create interest and hopefully get an interview.

Any comments and advice would be great.



Nice work, I like the iconic renderings. Your forms are nice, simple, and friendly.

I would photoshop the sketch pages because you can tell that it’s 4 scanned sheets - drag some of those little sketches across, so there aren’t gaps in there. Also, I would say to vary the size of the sketches, maybe blow up a few that were your best ideas, or the direction you went with.

Unless you know you want to do consumer electronics, you might want to diversify your portfolio more, but that’s up to you.

I’m in the same boat getting ready to apply for internships. Good luck!

I think you could spice it up a lot more. I would cruise through coroflot and check out some of the hotness people are throwing at their portfolio’s.

Your work is nice but your presentation has almost zero personality. Especially for a min-folio/teaser. You really want people to go omg! This is really cool and pin it up at their desk so they remember you.

Thanks guys

I’ll make some changes.

Any more comments or suggestions would be great!!!

i caution against the tiled overlapping rotated pages look. seems to be an ID phenomenon, but all the graphic designers i know have pretty much classified it as a no-no. i tend to agree.

i much prefer page 15 and 16 to say, 6 and 8. just something to consider!

best of luck on the internship hunting.

Some good work there but I agree, show some more diversity, for me its still a little too safe.

You could be a little bolder colourwise. Or show some of you other skills, maybe some brand identity?