new member (pics)

hey all
this is my first post on core77,
I am a 4th year student in emily carr’s ID program up in Vancouver.
Thought I would say “hi” with some pictures of one of my first furniture pieces done in my first year of school. The assignment was to recreate a chair from a picture, so I whipped one up in autocad and showed my teacher, he said “do it”
comments welcome:

Welcome, nice chair. You should post some of your more recent work…a chair from your 1st year isn’t telling us alot about your skills.

here is a group (3) project that I did last year, 6 week project, very intense, didn’t have any time to give it much form, as a group we gave ourselves very tough criteria, stackable, ability to dismantle for storage, rta, and no metal fasteners. We adjusted our design in the end so that the dove tail tracks that hold the chair together would have to be metal(aluminum probably) due to the swelling nature of wood. We also made a table and another chair, both chairs will also stack on the table.


it looks funny and i feel the first chair looks comfortable
i like these:)

I’m not feeling the stacked image. Looks like the stacking aspect was left to the end of the project and not thought out.

agreed, 6weeks was not enough time, I’m going to tackle this project again after graduating, I feel there is potential in the way it slides together, thanks for the comments.

Nice chair, I like it’s arc seat back cushion and the
hand, lies down which should very comfortable, and,it’s lining, hemp?