New member on the site

Hello everybody, my name is Diego, I´m a Spanish shoe designer who actually works in the safety shoes. I´m relly impressed with this website, is what I was looking for, because, in this new work we produce in Asia and I have to make a new kind of draws, draws as all of you make possible.
With all this I want to say that is the first time that I work with so strong and amazing softwares as Photoshop, until now I made the draws with Corel Draw, Freehand, some Illustrator, I mean vectorial softwares, I have a lot of questions, for the moment I am reading and learning all that I can, but for sure in the future I will go to ask you some dudes.
I have attached some of my firts draws in Photoshop feedbacks are welcome and sorry for my english I have to improve it as well.


Your photoshop skill is good, Could you tell me where you got and how you did the textures on your boots?

Thanks men, normally I scan the real materials, and use it like photoshop texture, that´s is for the full grain, to get the cow suede I start with a plain colour and then I use the tool called clouds and regulate them, and later I give it texture with noise or in texture menu I use sand.

Thanks, i will try :slight_smile:

Hey Sleeve,que pasa!! what’s up dude!

I’m spanish too,well your renders are nice,but if you wanna give them the results of Richard for example with the tutorial,mmmm.I’m still trying it but I get lost easily.

Hey Billy, I´ve been studing at London for 2 years in the London College of Fashion, too much cool to me, anyway was one of the best experience that I never have live.
About the renders… Yeah I want to learn all as I can, starting as you said with the Photoshop tutorial, but at the moment my first goal is discover how the guy who is working in our Chinese factory draw the stitching, the laces, and some textures to improve my skills step by step.
This from that guy.

As well I want to learn how pass the Illustrator draws to photoshop, keeping the layers because sometimes photoshop doesn´t recognize all the layers, maybe I am doing something wrong.