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Hows it goin. I’m currently a student at Central Washington University, i will be attending summer classes at the Art Insitiute of Seattle, then transfering to ASU fall or winter quarter. Anyways ive been messing around on solidworks that came in the mail today (GREAT deal with the student versino and discount). anyways i decided to come up with an iPod flip design…what do you think?

sounds interesting-can’t see anything…

getting ? blue boxes…


how long did it take you?
solid works is one of those fancy 3d softwares no?
it just seems a little over the top to use something like that for what is basically a couple of squares + the final rendered look is not good quality.

about the design- cool idea, but how bulky would it get? maybe add a cool design element for the outer - else when its folded it could lack the flair the current ipods have.

and this might be a minor thing, but the bent wire plug is totally unapple to me. the straight plug that comes with the ipods is sleek and totally cool. yours would make me as a prospective buyer question authenticity of the product.

hope this helps

I agree with yenomoris. Interesting idea, but you are missing the key design opportunities. The key areas, in my mind, are the hinge, the wire plug and the interface. Remember, the iPods also have a couple of buttons, not just a rotating wheel. Do a ton of sketches just looking at those three areas. Keep the overall form of the iPod and integrate your new ideas into your model. That will make this project sing.

Also, what is up with your renderings? They look like screen shots in shaded isometric mode, not renderings. Keep working at that!

i can’t see any images

I wasn’t seeing anything either, on firefox. Right click on the square and hit “view image” and then it shows up. Hit back button to go back to thread and then the image is there.

this looks like it was done as a CAD exercise, but not a design exercise

What is/are the benefit(s) of folding?
How do you tell that story through the design?

Are you proposing the screen folds and articulates to cover the jog wheel?

Hey again. Yea i just did this in about 45 min, the images are of quick screen renderings, i have yet to really go in depth on the design. This came out of my head, no sketches, nothing.

This design was a product of a few observations i made. Alot of my friends have the iPod video (the new one) and the screens are already scratched. Also they prop them up with something when watching videos or movies on them since its easier to see than laying them flat on a desk. Also when closed, it could act as an iPod Shuffle.

I was also thinking about the scroll wheels… if they could be made to actaully move, and create energy through thier rotary motion, like turning a little generator… anyways just thinkin.

i just did this messing around with the new software, but your comments have made me want to expand on it…look for the next phase here soon… any more ideas or critiques?

wow thats pretty cool

for a fooling around time on a software its cool…
but 45 minutes was a waste of design time in my opinion.
you could have drawn like a million doodles and atleast one decent sketch and even if it was just linework, it wouild llook prettier than the screen shots.

  • you would be far ahead in the design process - not just a mere folding ipod, it would have progressed… i feel design by hand or atleast by mind, and finally render with software.
    but as i said- for fun excersice its ok…

Haha. Alright. i was just a little anxious to get workin on SolidWorks… I did this trying to figure out how to use the software. Not as a design exercise but as something to build in a little free time. I’m not building this for a contest nor as a professional project… just for fun. Keep in mind I’m not currently in ID classes, nor do I have any teaching on ID. I do have ample drawing skills, and tons of ambition along with an open mind. I do not want, or expect, you to drool over the work, I mainly posted it for your entertainment, and critiques. And by critiques, I mean ideas to further the design progress, not simple criticism. Anyways, I have been sketching a lot more on the idea of a flip iPod, and have came up with a final design to render. A little more ergonomic, a little more “next wave”… I should have it done tomorrow.

Thanks again… - Dan

Now that you’ve got basic Solidworks knowlege, switch to the student version of Alias StudioTools.

There are plenty of mechanical engineers in this world that will take direction from you once you’re a professional. Focus on the unique skills and methodologies you bring to the table as a designer, and be careful of software that influences the way that you think about building things.

another idea- why not have it as a three piece design, like the nokia Nseries (N90?) add camera, mirror, and laser blaster for engraving on any surface. that way you can take personalisation to the next level.
oh and i dont think the display edges are that curved. maybe a little more pointy.

How are you…I would love to see your work…But I cant see the images for some reason? can you repost? Or you can email me directly and I can send my two cents…


jay: open the images in a new window that works

Thanks Yenomoris…

From the one image I was able to view I have the following questions and suggestions:

-What problem are you solving with the flip?
-Is it screen protection, Wheel protection, ease of storage, or was it just aesthetic exercise to try out a cool program :smiley:


Take a look at the Nokia 8801…Beautiful design with the right touch of advanced technology. Very well done. The issue I have with the ipod is that it has become a “generic status symbol”. I love my Ipod but when I see millions of people with the same object I feel very “me too”. Maybe this is a chance for you to do a very high end Ipod that attracts a different consumer. Bang & Olufsen’s collaboration with Louis Vutton is an excellent example of what portable luxury could be. Luxury meets technology. As the world moves towards a true global community, individuality and customization will take more of a
priority with larger company’s such as Apple…

All in all great concept! Keep exploring…

the scale if super duper off, when compared to the headphone jack. It’s cool, little pointless. the new one will have a tablet like touch screen and thats it. if tyou maid it simi squre llike it is there, and had it with no wheel and no hinge and have it be like a tarabite that could be devloped to a more plausible solution.