New Member Introduction & US Footwear Factory Question

Hi all,
Been lurking for a bit, and decided it was time to register and contribute where I can (footwear).
I’ve been in footwear industry for 10 years (development), specializing in slippers.
I have traveled to Asia plenty, and eaten more mooncakes than I care to admit.
Working in the branded business now, but have also done private label.

Anyway, I look forward to hanging around!
Just wish I would have found this site years ago…!

I do wonder if anyone knows of any slipper factories here in the US??
Constructions include but not limited to: Stitch & Turn, Stitch-on shell molds, Cement, Vulc, EVA.
With the resurgence of “Made in America” (finally!) I’d like to research some domestic factories for Fall 15 in-store production.
Thanks in advance for any help!!


Welcome to the discussion boards!