New member intro.

Well, I haven’t found one spot where you guys (Gals) post intros so, since this is where I’ll probably spend a lot of time, I figured I’d put it here.

I’ve been involved in industrial technology/design since the early eighties.
Mostly from an engineering point. I’m returning to school in January to finish my teaching degree in Technology Education. I found this forum searching for info on Dyes and man…I like what I see here.

Probably won’t have much input for a while unless I come across something I’ve been doing forever (Like Automotive paint :smiley: ).

Well, thanks for having me and I’m looking forward to learning even more.


Welcome to the party Steve. It’s really just a bunch of mud slinging and design talk gibberish that goes on here with the occasional obscure technical question. :slight_smile:

I’m new here as well, and just as exited as you :slight_smile: