New Member - Intro

Hi everyone I am new to this forum, my name is Ollie and I have a bachelor of Design Majoring in Industrial Design from Massey University, New Zealand.

I recently formed a company with 2 good friends to head towards our goal of creating a respected product design brand in NZ, and to not have to work for anyone else ever again.

The Company is Called Blender (Design Ltd)

Personally I am excited about new emerging technology and am always on the lookout for prospective jobs involving new technology.

I look forward to participating in these discussions and hope that I can gain some knowledge and ideas from you all and hopefully return the favour.


That is some nice stuff.


Welcome to the forums. Good luck to you and your friends with the company!

Hi Ollie, welcome to the forum.

I hope to go to NZ sometime. I’ve seen pictures and heard from friends that have been there that it’s beautiful. :sunglasses:


Welcome. The business section has some informative posts that you might enjoy. Best of luck to you. I am sure that you will be very successful.