New Member and Question - What is this package called?

Hello everyone!

My name is Samuel. I own a small firearm accessory manufacturing company. I have no formal background in design or manufacturing, but I’m completely self-taught by reading and experimenting. I have 3D printing, CNC milling, CNC routing, laser cutting / engraving, and vacuum forming capabilities in my shop.

Unfortunately, I’ve ran into a problem on locating a source or even a name for this kind of bag:

These bags very much resemble the same bags used for bed comforters when it comes to the material and the zipper. I think they have real potential for increasing the value in a product that’s on a retail shelf. Even if they had a simple zip lock over a zipper, I would still by them.

Unfortunately, every company I’ve contacted has said they have no idea where to purchase them.

Does anyone know the name or where to get these?

Thank you!

Did you try Thomasnet? You should be able to find something there if you dig around enough.

Maybe this can get you started:

they just came out with this product:

I thought it was a terrible idea for what they were proposing to use it for since the velcro seal isn’t airtight, but seems like your application would work.

Not exactly sure. But maybe look around Alibaba a bit and see if anything pops up.

So far my best guess is Clear PVC Zipper Bag

How many do you need?

You could make it. Clear PVC film from McMaster Carr. Zipper from JoAnn Fabric. The stitching on the side is referred to as a surge stitch.

Most bag manufacturers will either heat or sonic weld a bag, they do not sew.

I had something like that made for my sister for as a beauty kit for travel.
She liked it so much, I had another made.

I cannot guarantee the “surge stitch” as thats not what I used.
Just a bead line over the edges.

Also, note that the material also comes in various thicknesses.
That makes a difference on > how flexible the bag will be > size of the bag > size of the opening > size of the object inside > cost, etc

I can source it for you.
Depends, quantity, types, etc, etc.
Mainly time frame, how quickly do you need these, as this is coming from abroad.
Email me if ur interested.
(Also, I am little tied up for a 2 weeks or so)
However I can get you sample bags made.

Welcome to the boards guys. It’s great to see you hook up, but please limit the “discussion” to design details, materials, processes, etc.

Please conduct business privately.



Thank you for all the help.

Does anyone know the thickness of the PVC bag material?

Unfortunately, I can’t make these bags myself because I need several thousand of them. The only term that brings up the results I’m searching for is “soft PVC bags.” The problem I have is the communication barrier with Chinese suppliers thinking it’s lunch bags or cosmetic bags. Hopefully, after a some emailing and sample verification I can post the results here.

Also, to the people who private messaged me - I appreciate it but I cannot respond since I do not have enough posts yet. So, don’t take it personal if I don’t respond right away.

Thanks again everyone,

By making them yourself, I meant you literally only need someone, anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine.

Yes, you can go to China for that. But we use a company 20 miles away to sew our soft goods, the proverbial sweatshop (it is actually quite nice). In the long run, sometimes it is cheaper to do things locally. I find this especially true if you are asking a factory to do something new. So check your yellowpages too before exclusively relying on alibaba.

As for material thickness, buy some samples from McMaster, you should be able to balance strength (thicker) with price (thinner) with your needs. None of us here are psychic, we don’t know the specifications you require for your product, you have to do that part yourself.

Apologies! didnt know how else to pass on the information other than post a reply; and I was a little tight on time to wade through to find out.
If you do know how to send the info directly to SamuelW, please advice!
I have some more info pertaining to ‘thicknesses’ for him. Thanks.

Apologies! didnt know how else to pass on the information other than post a reply;

Here’s how to do that… click on SamuelW’s name. It will open a window where you will find a “PM” (personal message) link to send a Private Message. He also provides a link for a personal email.

I appreciate it but I cannot respond since I do not have enough posts yet.

I was unaware of this constraint.

How many do you need?

I didn’t have the ability after I posted the thread. It stated (paraphrasing), “You do not have enough posts.”

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