New member. 14 y/o..please comment

hey guys im new to this forum… i am 14 years old…please tell me what u think of my folio


Not bad, you have a good start.

some things to work on keep practicing on your perspective. If you can nail that down everything will fall in place.

also work on your line weight and sharpness. Some of your lines are a bit hairy. If you haven’t check out they have some good fundamentals for you to work on.

Keep up the good work.

ok will do thanks for the constructive criticism!

To be 14 I think you are doing great. I agree with Sain. Just keep practicing. The more you practice the better you will get.

ok thanks! :smiley:

Wish I was that good as a 14yr old!

Good work - like everyone else has said, pay attention to the perspective. You can’t build a good house on a crap foundation, so take the time to put down accurate constructions before you start doing the actual rendering. Do that, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Keep it up! If I may ask are any of your older realities in design professionally? I only ask because my grandfather was a draftsman and taught me how to draw in perspective and stuff like that when I was young. You are quite good for your age keep on rocking out.

thanks everyone! simonfourfingers- my dad got a degree in landscape architect…and he thought me everything i know…thanks

i would love some more feedback…and heres another update on my dA
info below the pic describes the concept…enjoy, lol


final renders, perspective is kinda off, and yes i still need to get some ellipes guides! really appreciate comments!!!
what ya think?? thx


not bad. it is nice to see someone at your age practicing his sketch so diligently. I have to say that even if you have ellipse guides, it won’t always help you perspective. You need to first get the correct degree and rotation of the ellipse. I will try to find my book on ellipses and scan the pages so that you can get an idea on a simple way to draw ellipses in two point perspective.

i have posted many new works…
and more car designs…
please check it out…
and i would love constructive criticism

I would suggest finding Scott Robertson’s Gnomon DVDs

Techniques of Scott Robertson 1: Basic Perspective Form Drawing really helped me understand perspective. There are a few more about drawing cars and shading that could be interesting too.

I had him as a teacher at Art Center this past term and he’s exceptionally helpful.

new side view rendering, almost done with this concept, love to hear comments

nissan sketches, flatbed ed. of the new 350Z…

new update on my deviant art!
link below… :slight_smile:

new rendering

Start learning a CAD program right now. You’ll be a design ninja by the time you hit college. Look up Pro Engineer or Solidworks. Chances are your high school doesn’t teach it, but there are places you can go to learn it. Check out Keep it up!

im not to big of a fan of 3D, i prefer hand sketches or photoshop…why do you want me to learn it?

For what it’s worth - I was given my first 3D package as a gift around age 12. It took years before I learned anything useful. I was mostly making simple models of robots, but eventually learned how to apply that to making video game art (seeing something you made running around the screen shooting people was very cool at the time) which translated down the road into enventually learning NURBs and other modelling techniques.

At the time it was insanely hard because there was no such thing as CG talk or boards like this (and if there was, there was no google to find them with!). The resources are so abundantly available now that if you are serious about design, getting your feet wet in 3D now will give you as good of a head start as any other skills.

Plenty of people graduate college barely knowing how to build a model in 3D. Having a head start on that technical skillset is the main reason that I was able to get hired and get real products to market.

Could be worth checking out - even if it means just downloading a free trial of something or a free app like Blender or MODO. Just understanding how things work in 3D space is very beneficial, even to your sketching.