New Mazda campaign: Driving Matters

I feel like they kind of made this commercial for Mr914 :slight_smile: Did they nail it Ray?

Too sentimental, but probably dead-on hehe.

I’ve probably only gone 5 out 20 years without a sportscar. Even with my little boy, I’m thinking about taking the plunge again. Those 3rd gen Miatas are getting cheap!

Aww ww w ww

The Miata was the first reliable British sports car, wasn’t it? I like the shadow of the dart board, surrounded by holes, on the garage door.

Another roadster would be fun… might even consider another Fiat 124 Spider, since it wouldn’t be my sole means of transportation this time. No poop to speak of, but great exhaust notes.

Love the 124. I wish my dad had let me buy one instead of the 914. I was so abused! hehe

Another car I would like is a TR8 with the small discplacement alu V8. That would take some work to sort properly. I’ve always dug the BMW Z3 and Z4 too. Probably way to expensive to repair, but very cool sportscars. Finally, the Boxster. I drove one before buying the Miata. 2X the price at around $10k, but parts are so expensive and repair nearly impossible in one’s own garage.

More realistic, the RX8 was leading my list. The new Camaro might be interesting though. 200 lbs lighter now, great engine line up. I have to do some more research though.

Also a big Mazda fan here (specifically NA Miatas). I think Mazda nailed it, but not just for what Mazda wants to be for the next 10 to 20 years, but more important, in making a statement about the often sterile automotive field where the ‘auto’ is fast becoming simply…automatic. Mazda is, in fact, taking charge in putting something more substantial—more human—back into our fascination with cars. This seed of thought/philosophy/raison d’être will, hopefully, invigorate the industry to be simpler, LIVELIER, and more embracing of the spirit of driving.

The reviewers are eating it up as well. Automobile did a great long form article on it last month.

Not surprising, but interesting to note the differences in script from the Canadian version. I thought I was going crazy having not noticed it’s Aaron Paul until now. For anyone interested, here’s the Canadian version:

Which, now that I watch it again, is actually quite similar. I think I may’ve only been seeing the 30 second clip until now. I do have to say the Canadian narrator’s voice feels much more Miata and nostalgia to me than Aaron Paul.