new materials??

is there a site like the book materials world - with the newly developed materials on the market.




  1. Memory metal
    Nitonol - Johnson Matthey Advanced Metals

  2. Gels
    Stardust - NASA's Comet Sample Return Mission

  3. Nano Solar Material
    Hybrid Solar Cells - Nansys

  4. Ferro Fluids
    Berkelee National Labs
    Ferrofluids Can Defy Gravity For Environmental Engineering

  5. Photo and Thermal Chromatic Dyes
    James Robinson Ltd.

  6. Bio-based Plastics

  7. Fiber Optic Fabric

  8. Dyneon ETFE Foil
    Dyneon –3m

  9. Smart Fabrics
    Infineon Technologies

  10. Bendable Glass
    Applied Films

thanks guys for your replys.

i seemed to always end up at the website.


Crazy link, but I found some nice things here… seems to have some very nice case studies on materials

I’ve had a materialsexplorer account for some time now, and I’ve always loved them. As a student, I don’t get to ‘play’ with a lot of their stuff, but it’s always great to browse for information, and the search function allows you to find materials based on the properties you need, even if you have no idea what it is…