New material from Apple UX design

These micro interactions are all the rage now and in the near future…

I’m about halfway through, but this is a great watch. The amount of consideration and effort put into these details is just amazing. The way they are using marketing all the way down to the minute movements of the cursor is also a sight to behold… “intertia” and “magnetism” to model movement… it’s impressive.

My colleague was talking through some packaging design decisions that get similar levels of attention- closures and openings engineered with shipping, safety, and experiential considerations built in… Lotion bottle pumps and touch-screen/trackpad hybrid UX don’t have a lot in common, but there’s a lot to appreciate (or take entirely for granted) in the details of modern products.

Yes, I love how they are focusing on these small details and just increase the ‘Apple’ effect everywhere in their touch points. It reminds me of this idea of nudges - if we take the UI as a 3D landscape instead of 2D and add virtual ‘hills’ and ‘dimples’ it will make the pointer either veer away or towards certain buttons (it will tend to ‘roll off’ the hill and ‘roll into’ the dimple), making it easier to say, select the play button instead of the FFW button, or preventing unwanted Cancel actions. Tons of opportunities to explore with these kinds of physics-inspired behaviors.