New mainpage interface

Seems I have to scroll more to see things “big”.

I’m not sure it is worth it.

[ Deleted ]

I generally like the new interface but the quantity of articles you have to scroll past to see the forums is too much.

Hi thanks for the feedback. Any other suggestions are welcome - the more specific, the better!

In general I agree with these main points.

-Is the ad banner at the top always going to be so large? It takes up a third of my screen.
-It would be great if I could click on an image in the very top section to follow the link.
-The Core77 logo in the top left of the forum page (this page) isn’t showing properly.

At any given time I can only see 2.5 articles at best on a desktop. Plus your ads, which is fine, you got to make a buck. But even the news feed on my phone I can see 6-8 articles at any time.

Why are you having me scroll so much?

And I prefer a new tab when I click on an article. I may be an exception with that desire.

This has been discussed at length here before. You are definitely not an exception, at least not in the big world. The core community meanwhile is adamant that they’ve figured out something the rest of the Internet has not.

I actually like it quite a bit more. I find it less cluttered with articles and text, which makes me read the titles more.

For ad space, I just have a blank white area to the right due to adblock (I’m a leech, I know) but if it was filled with ads I can see how that could be distracting.

Though I still don’t like that the forums are just sitting in the middle and can easily be scrolled by. I wish there was a solution for that, where forums were more noticeable.

I’d like more density with the articles too. I do like the added white space. It breathes a bit more, which is always nice.

I dislike how everything is so huge now, but I can fix that for me by just viewing the website at 50%. I prefer the old layout with the tiles. They permitted me to see more at a glance and required me to scroll much less.
(viewing on a 24" 1920×1200px² screen)

I like the glossy magazine style. Agree that hotkeys to different sections ( a simple # html) would be helpful because it eases navigation. Also I prefer by default certain articles to arrive in a popout window or in case of the forum, in a blank new screen by default, so the content main page always stays open at the same place. I also miss some of the gritty character the old site had - this one is overall an improvement but a bit generic.