NEW mac book por w/ intel duo core II !??!!!

I am going to buy a new laptop, maybe this week. I want to get one with a intel core duo II processor and the new mac book pro has this. Do any of your fellows have one or the old mac book pro running windows? I use Alias and Solidworks and Adobe stuff. I want to get rino soon. Have there been any softwear issues or funky odd ball stuff going on with useing these programs on a mac?

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At my school we’re currently testing the MBPs to see if they (under windows) could be qualified by the school for student use. This basically means testing solidworks, since all the other programs (mostly Adobe suite) run under OS X. No, they won’t pass the manufacturer’s tests, but they will be able to handle anything an undergraduate student would do. We’re testing solidworks with assemblies of up to about 500 parts.

FWIW…so far there’s only one person in the class with a MBP, but it works great. He’s had no glitches or errors yet. And, as a bonus, it runs Need for Speed faster than most of the windows laptops in the class :slight_smile:

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From what I understand there are few issues with running Solidworks on the newwer Mac books with the Core duo.

I’m not sure about Alias, but I do know that Rhino pretty much works without a hitch.

There are pretty big problems with Adobe CS2 suite and new Core duo which will not be corrected until Adobe releases CS3. A work around is to use CS2 for Windows and runit on the Windows OS as opposed to the Mac OS.

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