New M&P book for Students and Designers

I found a new book on Manufacturing processes. I can tell it is made for Designers because of all of the pictures in it:)

Title: Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design
Author: Chris Lefteri
ISBN #: 978-1-85669-506-0

Amazon link:

I always find Chris’ stuff too simple. Half the problem is Chris is a tutor and it seems his books with their simplicity are almost aimed at design students rather than professionals.

I posted this one up recently, apparently it’s great, I’ve still yet to order it. And the fact the name states ‘… for Design Professionals’ gives me hope.

Some great books out at the moment.


I di feel a little bad to put “and professionals” in my subject header. I do agree with your point.

Thanks for putting up the other book. I will have to buy that one too.