New kid...with question!

Hello everyone,

First I’d like to say Hi to everyone as this is my first post, I just joined up a little bit ago. I was looking for info online about automotive design and came across this site, which I love and has been a great wealth of info so far.

Now to the question. I currently live in California, and am attending a community college getting an associates in art. I plan to transfer to a University afterwards, and was thinking CSU Long beach becasue I have heard that it is a great school for ID. I was looking into some private schools, but dont know if I would be able to afford it. Anyway, I have read about some people having to basically start from scratch when they transfered to CSU LB from another school, like I am planning to do. When I did a search on this forum for CSU, the same thing came up, and someone posted sometihng saying they transfered as a junior, and had to start all over, and were there for 4 years.

Can anyone eloborate on this at all? Is this something that everyone transfering to that school for I.D. would have to do, or is this a rare occurence for some reason?

If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Pretty much every design program is a set amount of time. Most ID programs are four years and you are going to start from zero when you transfer.

Makes sense. This is the thing though, the school im going to now has a transfer program where you take some of the pre-req’s there, and you transfer at “upper level junior level” (what the sheet says) so Im guessing thats different. The counselors werent much help, and seemed like they were telling me what I wanted to hear so I would leave. Guess ill have to look more into it.

Also, I keep reading that it takes everyone longer than expected to graduate from csu lb but no one eloborates (bachelors takes 5 years), whats up with this? Is it just really hard to get classes there or am I just reading about the people who failed due to poor grades?

If you want to do automotive in Cali, you are going to have to go to Art Center. If your heart is set on Cal LB then I wold ask the admissions department how many graduates they place every year in the automotive industry. I’m sure it is a good school for general ID though.

One thing to consider is the US auto industry downturn, it’s not the best time to try to get in. It’s also hard to get out of if you’ve specialized in automotive your whole career and get bored. Don’t listen to me, though, follow your dreams. The situation could look vastly different in four years.

Thanks for the info and suggestins guys.

I think your right, I would be better off going the I.D. degree route rather than specializing in just transportation. Although that is what I truly want to do one day, I wouldnt want to limit myself to just trans. incase I couldnt find a job in that field right away, which is what is most likley to happen.

Now let me ask you this, last question i promise :smiley: . Is there such thing as a masters in transportation design? Say a few years after I got my B.S. in ID I wanted to get a graduate degree, and this time go for transportation, does any school offer that? I looked at the majority of schools mentioned on this site and did some google searches, and no one seems to offer any such thing. The closest thing I can find is ID grad degrees with course work in transportation.

College for Creative Studies

Royal College of Art

Awseome man, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.

Thanks for the responses everyone.

First off, smart move on going to a Community College and doing your gen-ed classes there. It’ll save you a lot of money and time once you transfer them over to another school. But check how many units will transfer over and to see what classes the school will accept. I’m sure you can get most, if not all, of your gen-ed courses done at the CC.
Go to the Academy of Art if you’re concerned about money though, this is my second semester there and I’ve seen some really nice work coming out of the IDS program, which is really growing still, but in due time, the Art Center will have some proper competition with AAU somewhere down the road :smiley:

Ya I thought it would be easier that way too, as well as cheaper which is fine by me :smiley:

I had actually been looking at that school as well. I think im gonna talk to somenoe over at CSU and figure out exactly where I will be with the credits I am getting at this school and go from there. Thanks for the advice , glad to hear that somoene who goes there likes it.