new kid on the block

Hey anybody,
I’m 23 and wandering. I just graduated with a BFA, concentrating in sculpture. I desperately want to break into the ID world. I’m just not sure how to do this. I have faith in my personal design capabilities, and am a wiz at research/analysis. I know I have the eye, I just need the edge.
Probs -
I have no computer experience. (should I take classes just for computers?)
Is it advisable to go back to school for a masters in ID?
Can I get into good ID grad program w/o design experience?
If I didn’t go to school, can I make it on my own?

Pretty much any info you lovely people would like to throw at me right now would help. I’m a blank slate - fillerup!


There is life after a BFA in sculpture. I too received a BFA in sculpture as my first degree. I applied for MFA programs in ID before I graduated.

Graduate school does not teach you skills. Its more about research. It sounds to me that you have some of the research| analysis skills already but really lack in the skills category. Not having computer skills is huge. I’m not sure if any graduate program would except you without computer skills.

Check out some junior colleges for classes in the computer applications you need to learn. The better route would be to check into undergrad programs in ID if that’s what you want to do.

New Kid,
Thanks a bunch for the advice. You answered exactly what I wanted to know, and helped me grasp on to some form of an immediate goal.
I kind of assumed that I would need to break into the computer world before I could make a dent in the ID world. I’m a little disheartened that an option is to go back to being an undergrad. ID is what I want to do, and I wish I took the opportunity to do it when i had the chance. I transferred colleges - from architecture to art - a while ago. I was actually enrolled in a product design program at SMFA but passed it up b/c they didn’t offer much financial aid. But I’m happy I pursued sculpture, since I love making things with my hands.
Where did you go to school? What are you doing now? If I remember correctly from messages on other boards, you are at Pratt now?
Another question - what applications should I become familiar with? I’m assuming Photoshop, Illustrator . . . what else?
Oh another one - is it necessary for me to go back to undergrad formally? Or is it possible to break into the world of design w/o a degree?
I just can’t imagine going back to school for 4 years again. It already took me close to six to get out.
Thanks. Tell me more about you and what you like/do/want.