New kicks Tee by your old friend Hager

Just got 24 of these back from the printer…if you’re interested, contact me below…




These are on sale now Concepts (The Tannery) in Harvard square, Cambridge, MA

This shirt looks great man, they’re at the Tannery…? I might have to pick one up :smiley:

hey thanks aK…they are at The Tannery (Concepts)

nice, but might wanna watch out for when the trademark infringement lawyers come knocking. with a cease and desist letter :slight_smile:


i looooooooooove cease and desist letters…

The AJ design is great…

The only problem is see is that unless its just for fun, people will not likely buy something with “daha” on it, as it it isn’t somehthing they would recognize and associate with the Air Jordan 1.

Other than that, it looks great, a personal preference would be to have them look like they are slung around the neck on the laces. That would put it over the wall

thanks…good point, but…you will hear more about DAHA soon enough. :slight_smile: I like the idea about the laces around the neck but thats not easily done by the printer