New Japanese version of the Terminator trailer

Bad ass, even though Christian Bale is doing his Dirty Harry Batman voice.

soooo many sequels this decade! When will we get Ghostbusters four? I cannot wait for the twenty-fifth, I’m going to see like three movies that day. Yo, did you see the new star trek trailer? It looks so hot. And this Friday when you see ‘the day the earth stood still’ new x-men: wolverine trailer.

The new terminator movie looks awesome. Not sold about the motorcycle guys, but the look of the early gen terminator is sweet.

there was a weekend a few months ago when all of my friends were using the Batman voice for all conversation. like, “Get me a beer too.” “Tell me what bar you’re going to.” It was pretty funny.

I hate it how movies are always 3~6 months late in Japan. If the chinese can dub, subtitle and release their movies in time for international releases, why can’t we?