New Jag XJ

I’m kind of a closet Jag fan, and I’m looking forward to what the new XJ will look like:
Interview with design director Ian Callum:

Hey Mike, have you seen any of the photos on google?

even if so, here are some images for reference for others viewing this thread…

loving the grille.

clearly there is still plenty to refine.

ugh terrible. It looks like a cross between a mustang and a bmw. Looks like a tank from the front end. Being british myself i think that jaguar have done a dreadful job of the styling of their new cars the only one that i think they have done a decent job on was the XK.

I have to say the XF went straight to my dream garage. It’s the first car to do that since the GTI came out (it has since been moved out of the dream garage). I think Ford will regret the day they sold Jag…they have finally turned the corner. The XJ looks like it will continue that.