new iNIKE rendering

hey im 16 and a sophmore in hs, have the drawing shoes since i was 14, and still have a passion for it. i would like to pursue footwear design as a future job. I recently found out about this site and decided to see if you all can help me get better. This shoe i call the iNike, lol cant htink of anything more creative. its got this wire i completely made up called adaptIwire. the wire strong, but stretchable. you spin the wheel on the top of the shoe (supposed to represent the ipd wheel) to cause the adaptIwire to tighten . since the adaptIwire is stretchable, you can spin the wheel several times. When the wire tightens around the outer layer of the shoe, it makes a perfect fit for whoever is wearing it. the laces are on the top only becuase i dont feel the adaptIwire tightens that part of the shoe. give me an honest opinion what u all think please. it doesnt matter if u like it or hate it, i will appreciate all comments, thanks

this is the sketch i made of the shoe

this is the sketches of the wheel and how it works

this shows the outer-layer of the shoe and how it works with the adapt-I-wire

this picture basically shows where everything is to help you understand how the shoe works

this is the final rendering i made with color

any suggestions or comments is well appreciated.

sorry about the pictures. just highlight the link and put in in the url column. i am used to posting on Niketalk, and that worked there. thanks

I saw this type of closure on a snowboard boot and it seems to work really well. I like how you applied it to a shoe.

the way to do it here is to type (or click img button) [img] the url of your pic [img/]

make those pics smaller next time for a start!

I like how you are showing your thinking and not just drawing shoes. Keep pushing to think of new ways to adjust fit that are outside of footwear.

I think its great that you are at this level at 16. You will have a jump start when you get to college.

How about some other views? I’d like to see the idea from the top. Remember a big part of footwear is color. Would you wear a green red yellow and white shoe? Right now the lines of the shoe almost fight against the lines of the cable. Try to integrate everything into a flowing singular visual idea. I think you could integrate those cable anchors on top of the airbag a little cleaner as well. Lastly, get that swoosh in shape man.

Great stuff, I think you’ve got enough info there to do another round right?

thanks for the feedback everyone! i appreciate it a lot.

guest0: yea lol i actually looked at a couple ski boots while making this shoe. thanks for the comment!

yo: i am not used to posting online so that is the reason for the large images. i will try to make them smaller next time of course. As for the color, it is because i have limited colors. blue, green, red, yellow. i dont have grey to make the white shading, so i used light blue. thanks for the comment though, and i will try to get that swoosh shape right next time lol.

invest in image editing software.
i can draw in two-three colours and then have fun changing them on the pc.


can you please explain further? Does this mean I don’t color anymore? Or does it mean i dont have to color as neat, because the editing software would fine tune the colors. Thanks for your comment.

here’s what all i’ve done with photoshop

draw neat lines, scan it, and fill in the areas with colour, shade it.

draw ugly lines, scan it, trace over it, use the traced neat lines to do the above.

draw neat lines, use the only marker i can find: that happens a lot, get my nice shading, scan the pic and change the colours of the particular area on the comp.
alternatively do the shading with a pencil.

or, colour in two three contrasting colours, n on the comp i find it easier to select the areas to change the colours.

ialso use multiply/ burn/ dodge to get shading effects.

you can also fill areas with textures in PS.

and shade them

and a tonne of other cool cool things.
i am just beginning to learn.

jus thought i’d share. im sure there are a lotta other neat tricks too.

like tom rushbrook used a spherize tool to make his mesh look awesomely realistic on KG.

anyone else have any fancy things they don mind sharing?

Hello all

there is a simple trick if u run together illustrator and PSD file (psd means photoshop}

for a 3d shaped object first save your rendered image on psd, without back ground, , then slide and drop the saved document in illustrator 10 or sooner versions

then flatten the layer
then select the image and go on object, envelopp distort make it with mesh and then try with 2 column and two row, then select the white arrow, click on the side of the image then the beziers points ashowing.

star to deform the image the way u want to

considering the power of your machine it can take more or less time to deform

once everything is made go on object, expand, and copy and paste to PSd and then finish your rendering… that works absolutlely well

try and let us know if u like it.


^Thanks for that tip, that was exactly what i was looking for.

Hey Man,

Looks really good. One of the things that I have found improves my students skills rapidly are DVDs from They are basically introductory level industrial design drawing classes by some of the top concept illustrators in the world. Feng Zhu, Herald Belker and Scott Robertson’s DVDs are probably the most appropriate for you right now. These guys are some of the best product illustrators around. Scott taught ID drawing at Art Center for a number of years. Don’t know if he still does.

On a highschool budget, they may seem expensive, but they are less than half the cost of a day in one of my classes at the Academy of Art…and you can watch them until you master them.

–The Professor