New ID web portfolio

Well its job search time now so I figured it was a good time to update/rebuild my web portfolio.

Take a look, I welcome crits on both the website and the projects.

I know, I need more sketches. That is the glaring omission… and I’m workin on it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m also going to be adding a couple projects in the next few days; light, furniture, and maybe some exhibit design.

I have one question for you all. I have a bunch of short term projects, or just form studies made in the shop that aren’t really on the same scale as the main projects, but I would like to show them. Should I dump them in the skechbook, or create a miscellaneous page for them with the other projects?

Thanks C77

Well, I would like to see some more sketches, but since you already commented on that, you already know the problem. Some further research, or maybe an objective as to why you built each product.

The page reads well, and I like the dark color scheme. The one thing that I did not like was the scrolling to see more images of the products. I would have much rather had separate pages in that area that I could rotate through. Maybe incorporate simpleviewer into the page, or some other free flash viewer?