New ID program?

Is a new industrial design program going to make a difference in the future with getting a job or into grad school?

How long have you know you wanted to be in ID?

I haven’t really known about it for too long. I was originally in architecture and found out last summer that my current school was going to be creating an ID program. At that time I was kind of interested but not too much. Then after a class I took last semester where I learned a lot about ID I was more interested and realize arch was not what I should do. Over time I have been more interested in ID.

You wouldn’t happen to be going to Iowa State, would you? We’re in the process of getting an ID program, so it might be a coincidence but who knows.

Talk to your school advisers, they should have a better insider’s info if there will be a new program or not. If you decide to apply elsewhere but too late, you can always take the required foundation classes at your current school to get them over with while waiting (history, drawing, English, etc).

Yeah…after thinking about it that’s basically the plan. (Stay at current school…take the basics and go from there) I think mostly I wonder if it is going to be a problem or make a difference that it is a new program or if it really doesn’t matter.