New Guy!

Hi Everyone! I am a senior design student in Columbus, Ohio and I am hoping to get into footwear design. I didn’t really get into footwear design until last year, so I have a lot o learn with a lot of growth to be come! Aaron Pizzuti connected me with this page and mentioned putting some of my work on here as well as just seeing what other people are doing. I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to look at my portfolio as a whole an offer some feedback (which may mean connecting on a different platform than here) or if it would be best to just post some footwear work on here. Thanks guys!


Post up! Projects or portfolio, the more you can put yourself out there I guarantee the more feedback you’ll get.


Yes definitely post work, and post it on the portfolio chain.
Also, Pensole Acadamy is doing a lot to develop aspiring footwear designers if you want to check them out.
I did their month long masterclass/competition in Portland and got a quick feel for the industry and even got flown to Vegas to compete.
Even their instagram recently held a 21 days of design competition.
Great way to learn/network.

Here is a link to my current portfolio, any feedback and advice is helpful!

Additionally, some other questions for you guys! So for the next 10 weeks, I will be working on my final Capstone/Thesis project. My project currently is going to be creating a basketball footwear product for 2024 for Jewell Loyd of the Seattle Storm. I will be obviously working with her to create the product for her, but I also will be doing a projection study of footwear over the next 30 years (to help research and defend my final shoe) and look at how injuries could have a large impact on the women’s basketball footwear. What are your guys thoughts on this and what advice or resources do you think would be helpful for this project for me? I will not be creating the shoe as a final product as I have been advised to simply research, design and make rough models…I think the most helpful way to do this would be to get a women’s athletic shoe last so I can see my design in 3D. Does anyone know the best way or place to get my hands on one? Thanks everyone!

Feel free to post into the thread (here or other topics as suggested -Portfolios/Projects) for more feedback.

Will give some more feedback on the link when I have some time to dive in!