New guy here.... hello

Just wanted to say hi. I’ve been visiting for a while and I thought I’d join.

Brian (i just put the site up. not much there yet)


Welcome to the site!!! we are pretty laid back here, the only thing we ask is if you want to promote your site to put it is you signature line.

Once again, welcome and have fun!!

Thanks. My profile settings won’t allow me to use a signature. Is that kind of a probationary thing?

Your site is very difficult to read. not enough contrast between the letters and their back ground.

Really? Black letters, white background. I’m not sure if I can get much more contrast than that. :wink:

You have a background image repeating within your content / content wrapper div… take another look :wink:

And welcome to the boards!

Ya, here is what your site looks like for me :wink: (google chrome on osx 10.6) :

LOL, Ben your interwebz is messed up. The site doesn’t look like that on my side (Firefox).

Hi new guy. :mrgreen:

must be the tubes…

Nah, this is weird. The background is actually a PSD image as you can see in this screen shot showing the CSS background tag for that DIV.

It seems Google Chrome can display PSDs in the browser? I never knew…

Firefox doesn’t display PSDs inline and ignores it.

I’m not crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird, looks fine in chrome/XP.

That’s good to know. Look how helpful this first post has been, Brian! Welcome aboard!

hey, thanks guys. Wow, that is weird. What the…? It doesn’t look like that on IE or firefox. I’ll look into it. Thanks again!