New green energy increased fuel efficiency, reduced emission

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We are a manufacturer of a new green energy reduce carbon emission and pollution, reduce the consumption of fuel, Our research and speciality focus on the innovative development of the Fuel Energy Saving Products for Increased Fuel Efficiency, Reduced Emissions and Energy Conservation. With six years of intense conducted research, FURNAZZO is a definite prominent Nano-Technology product that can be used for fuel saving at least 10% - 30% under the real working conditions.

FURNAZZO is Biocatalyst Oil used to mix with fuel oil for boilers and furnaces in order to enhance the combustion efficiency of the engines. The chemical combustion in the cylinder between fuel and oxygen will be enhanced completely 100%. Results are the complete combustion, increase the factory production rates, save fuel consumption, better engine performance, reduce the percentage of excess oxygen, nozzle clean, reduce carbon emission and pollution such as soot, black smoke, ash and carbon deposits, etc., reduce maintenance, energy costs and reduce the overall expenses.

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